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Legion History

Second Age

Under a number of different Masters, the temple continued to fight the Dark Empire Arkat had created, avenging Hereward and fighting its tyranny. The Temple travelled greatly between Dragon Pass, the West, Oronin and other lands during this war. Some cohorts were members of the Righteousness Crusade that destroyed the Arkat's Cult in 740. Some cohorts were fighting for the Carmanians against Darjinn and Arrir. Other cohorts were fighting for the EWF in Dragon Pass. The 9th Cohort journeyed from Loskalm to Prax with the Jrusteli. Many years later a solitary survivor of the 9th Cohort reached the Temple to relate how the Cohort, employed to defend Robcradle, had turned on the city after being ordered to murder children and had been destroyed. Shortly after the founding of Pavis, the Temple established a permanent base in that city, and the Legion was an important part of the defence of Prax. The 6th Cohort was lost in the wastes during the 870's in an attempt to find the Oasis of Zehrua.

In 889 the establishment of the 3rd Council, and its demands to be worshiped as Gods, led the Temple to depart and join the forces of the opposing Carmanians, who they had fought with against other foes. The Temple fought against the EWF until 1042, after which the Legion cohorts dispersed, and the Temple fell into ruin. The 7th and 10th cohorts mustered with the True Golden Horde, and were lost in the Dragonkill.

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