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This is recent Legion history as pieced together from PC back-story

In 1608 Brenna at least is known to have been in Pavis, as she rescued Dori, initiated her into Humakt (Hu subcult) and took her on as her apprentice.

In 1609 Dori was accepted as a Hereward initiate and joined the Legion. We know Illig was already Warleader at this stage.

In 1611 the Legion was hired (by Kallyr) to help with the final battle of the Righteous Wind rebellion against Harvar Ironfist. The battle was, as expected, a disaster, and the Legion covered the Orlanthi retreat sufficiently that there were some survivors, if not many. It was here that Seledd Brightspear, formerly a Yelmalian and the head of Prince Harnos' bodyguard (before Kallyr ambushed him), saw the Legion in action. This crystallized her decision to change sides (in disgust at Harvar's methods) and change cults. She joined the Legion, bringing several of her troops with her, was made a ten-thane almost immediately, and is now (1621) the senior hundred-thane.

Between 1611 and 1613 the Legion seems to have done various small jobs in and around Dragon Pass, often splitting up. We know that Dori for instance was working as a caravan guard between Sartar and Sun County. (And acting as a spy and courier for the Resistance while she was at it).

In 1613 I'm fairly sure the Legion was hired to join in the Rebellion. I believe they had offers from several of the Sartarite leaders, who were competing for overall leadership at the time. It seems likely that Illig chose to support Kallyr, over-ruling Seledd's objections and despite certain strategic advantages that other choices might have given us. There is probably a certain amount of puzzlement about why he did this.

1613-1617 at least, to quote Egil Nine-Wounds:
In those years after Starbrow's rebellion fell into the thunderpot, everything was crap. There were too few proper battles to fight, and everything had got all political. It was like the war was suddenly being fought with cows. Our job was reduced to raiding cows from one lot and giving them to someone else, or hijacking one lot of cows and sending them to the wrong place, or perhaps - on a good day - just raiding a stead to beat a collaborator who'd got cows from the wrong person. ...
"Every so often we'd complain about being bored, and just to give us something to do our Hundred Thane Olaf would order a raid on a clan that had got its cows from the Empire. On those occasions - thank sweet Humakt - we didn't have to steal the cows, just give the local boys a good drubbing and nick some food."
and the Lunar response:
"I tell you, they weren't sending out patrols, they were sending out armies. In all that time we had only three stand-up fights. One was Siggyr's first battle as ten thane, when the whole cohort mustered to defend against an imperial punitive attack on the Grey Owl clan. Another was the one that finally made us jack it all in and head back to Esrolia to join the rest of the Temple - but that really is a story for another day. The other was the one where Siggyr lost his eye." (v. the Firebull)

In 1617 Siggyr was promoted to Warleader's Guard

In 1617 we know Dori was in Nochet, probably investigating what might have happened to the VIII Cohort, lost there perhaps a century earlier. This is the setting for "The Duel". Brenna and Illig at least caught up with her shortly afterwards. Jamal seems to have met them here. And it was here that Dori became a Devotee of Hereward.

Hrolf seems to have met and joined the Legion in about 1618?
Also in 1618, the Legion were hired by a Heortland King and Vastyr encountered them (he'd been hired by the same king).

At some point after "The Duel" (since Dori has her no-alcohol geas) she at least was in Sartar, being hired by one of the clans, and investigating Peat. The full Legion was not present, since she says no "undead-sniffers" were there.

In 1619 the Temple rallied to the defence of Whitewall, capital of the Volsaxi. In Death Week of Earth Season the Temple defends Whitewall against an incursion of Shargashi who have formed a gateway from Hell. The Legion severs the gateway, but the III Cohort is lost in the action due to the tactics of Hundred Thane Seledd Brightspear. In Storm Season the Temple fought hard during the attack of the Crimson Bat, providing a Secret Wind to the Defender Storm and fighting the Dead Sea. During the siege they performed many heroic deeds, but were nonetheless betrayed by Kallyr Starbrow who used them as pawns in an ambush. The Temple quit the defence of Whitewall, and went to fight in the Defence of Heortland. Following the defeat of Richard the Tiger-Hearted in 1620, the Temple ventured East, to Pavis, in the hope of regaining its strength.
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