This is the story of Herw'Ard of the True Wind, as told to Jamal by one of his Hum'Akti vassels while he was stationed on the Tarsh/Grazer border

"So it came to pass, in the time before the March of the Ten Thousand that a false god rose, called Osent'Ka by some, and many other name besides, but we shall call him the Deceiver, for he proved himself to be full of the vilest falsehood.

Such was his deceit that his birth caused the very ersoon of Idovanus (may he be blessed) to halt in the sky, but such was the hubris of the Deceivers creators that even this warning failed to prevent their accursed work.

At first the rule of the Deceiver seems benign to all, as indeed does all falsehood,but soon his followers, lacking the true and divine path of Idovanus (may his light shine on us all) fell into the ways of falsehood. Many atrocities were committed by his followers, but those he ruled could only see the beneficent mask worn by this embodiment of all that is foul.

However, there was one blessed with the true sight of Idovanus (may he vanquish all before him), who could see through the masks and lies, to the Deceivers corrupt core. This was a true and virtuous Loskalmi knight Ar'Kt. Ar'Kt lead his band of warriors, forming a grand alliance of the true, to cleanse the western land of the stench of the Deceiver. As his path was not tainted by the Lie, he succeeded in rolling back the forces of deceit.

Being a knight of the truest worth, Ar'Kt did not leave his work half done, and pursued the Deceiver over the mountains and into the Barbarian lands beyond. There he was met by men who, although barbarians, were touched by the light of Idovanus (may his name echo through the ages). Amongst these men were Har'Mast the Unshod, and Herw'Ard a stout warrior of the mountains. These men greeted Ar'Kt as a fellow fighter against deceit, and Ar'Kt joined them as their leader, and indeed took up many of their barbarian ways and gods (as indeed out Visirs teach us now, blessed are the gods untainted by the Lie).

Closest to Ar'Kt was Herw'Ard, who become his lieges chief vassal, confidant and sword bearer. Many where the battles where Herw'Ard fought besides his liege, and Herw'Ard admired greatly his leader.

However, as the great campaign against the Deceiver dragged on Herw'Ard noticed a change occurring in his liege. Rather the the fight being to rid the world of of deceit, Herw'Ard saw that Ar'Kt's fight was becoming as tainted with the Lie as the Deceiver. To replace the Deceivers falsehood with his own. Herw'Ard's disillusion slowly grew until, when Ar'Kt set aside his sword to take up the cudgel of the Dark Men, Herw'Ard could see no difference between his liege and their enemy.

Herw'Ard took Ar'Kt's discarded sword, and took his leave of his former master. Filled to the brim with despair, he wandered alone, uncaring, in the wastelands of his soul. But Idovanus (may his light illuminate every corner of the world) does not abandon those who faithfully serve the way of Truth. He sent his grace to Herw'Ard in the form of a wind, the cold true wind of the north, that cuts a man to the quick, and cleaves asunder all sophistry and falsehood. This wind scourged the soul of the despairing warrior, and set his feet back on the Sword Path to righteousness.

Herw'Ard took up the sword of his former liege, and gave his life to the service of the way of truth, and to the greater glory of Idovanus"

This is the story that I have heard of the Legion of the True Wind, it may be that they are the harbingers of the "new way", where the divine Idovanus (may he bring light to the unrighteous) direct his followers by the movements of the winds. But suffice the say,this is enough for me to know that Herw'Ard should be counted amongst he legions of the blessed.
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