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First Age


Hereward Truewind was born a mortal in the year 354, scion of a noble bloodline (of where? Ralios? Dragon Pass?).
(He was perhaps first initiated to Valind ?)

Ralios, I think. "The Shrine of Humath, which claims to have been founded by the Owner
of the Unbreakable Sword himself...."

At a moment, Hereward was initiated in to the cult of Humath, and was a powerful warleader in the service of his kingdom, which at that time was at war with the Bright Empire.

Lokamayadon conquered in that war, and Hereward went to learn from the side of Gbaji. Hereward was initially dazzled by the Bright God's words, but soon realised that he had made a mistake.

Against the Bright Empire
He left the Bright Empire, and fought alongside other warriors at the Battle of Night and Day, winning much renown. Hereward founded a legion of his Humathi comrades and fought alongside Maklamann Ironblade, King of the Otkorioni, who was feuding with Lokamayadon.

Arkat's companion
Hereward was looking for a "leaderr" when Arkat came to Ralios, fighting Gbaji, and alongside Maklamann.
Hereward was responsible for bringing him to the cult of Humath (even if in modern theories Arkat was Humakt's son, and got his Big Sword as a present from his father, Arkat had to prove that he was the son of Humakt).

The fight against their enemy was so desperate that Maklamann and Arkat eventually severed Humath from his Storm kin in order to avoid the High Storm, creating the modern cult of Humakt.
Hereward suffered this, but it was not until Arkat turned to trollish ways that Hereward finally left his side (*) Arkat and Maklamann Ironblade would have stopped him, but Hereward revealed his Secret Wind, which blocked Arkat's words and struck down Maklamann's sword. Then Hereward cursed them, and departed, deeply injured.

Travel in the North
Hereward fled north into the Hidden Wind, and as he did so his cohorts began to disperse. From the Summit Without Summit Hereward reached the point most North, and rose as a star (or planet? Or what?).

During his travel to the North, he passed at the Castle Blue in Lake Oronin. There the Goddess Charmain used her watery powers to heal his wounds. In exchange he told her some secret teachings convincing her that even after Arkat's Horrors an "ideal" leader was still possible (especially at this time as the darkness brought by Arkat's trolls was turning into evil witchcraft among the humans of the Spolite area).
This event would be much later interpreted by the Carmanians as a prophetic vision of Karmanos the True Leader to come, because Charmain's son would later studies, among different sources, the herewardi secrets and allow the cult of the Hero as the Sword Prophet, an independant whistle-blower able to perceive bad leaders (also check KeyHerward).

Soon after Arkat defeated Gbaji and formed the Dark Empire, small shrines to Hereward began appearing, centred around his relics and the regalia of his cohorts. Eventually a hero called Jothan Righteous Wind united these shrines to reforge Hereward's Legion, and led it in battle against the Dark Empire.

Some of the battles of this period are described in "Eleven pipers piping".

(*) This part of the myth may turn out not to be true... but that's what initiates know.

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