Born 1593 Freezeday/Death Week/Dark Season
Left home at age 15
Initiated to Humakt at age 15
Huscarl to king Kocholang for nine years.
Huscarl to Rannarsh of Vesmonstran for two years.
Temple Sword in Balazaar for one year.

Age now: 28


Homeland: Vanth

Lankstan Huscarl 5W
Identify Foe, Know Orlanthi Tactics, Know Aldryami Tactics, Know Tusk Rider Tactics, Make Camp (-10), March, Scan for Danger, Keep Watch, Swear like a Soldier (-20), Close Combat, Shieldwall Fighting, Ride, Mounted Combat (-5), Guard Liege, Boast (-10)

Devotee of Humakt/Valind (Hrujjar Lichfoe) 5W
Craft Weapon (-10), Hate Undead (+5), Devotion to Humakt (+10), Devotion to Cult (-8), Mythology of Humakt (-5), Recognise Lie (-5), Initiate to Humakt (-5), Pray to Humakt (+5), Fearless, Untiring, Resist Poison, Resist Disease

Zealot 15W
Obsessive Perfectionist, Inflexible, Honourable, Brave, State Unpleasant Truths, Ignore Distractions, Misconstrue Motivation, Oblivious, Iron Willed, Oversimplify, Ignore Hardship, Appear Arrogant, Expressionless, Go Without Sleep, Ignore Consequences

Zola Fel River Voice 14
River Eyes, Breathe Water

Swordmaster 15W
2H Sword Fighting (+5), Sword and Shield Fighting, Two-sword Fighting (-5), Assess Opponent, Seize Tactical Advantage

Extra skills

Coldly beautiful 17, Agile 17, Tough 5W, Perceptive 5W, Linguist 15, First aid 19


Death Affinity 15W: Bless Corpse (+10), Death Song Berserk, Ward Undead
Honour Affinity 5W: Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Sense Assassin
Sword Fighting Affinity 5W: Truesword Stroke, Sword Help
Valind Affinity 14: Resist Heat, Resist Cold


Reverend Saar the Newt Priest 15, Disdain Karrath Sing-and-die 13, Boss of Urush 5W, Hate Lunars 13, Hate Chaos 19, Distrust Zorak Zorani 15, Understand Aldryami 15

Followers: Boss of Urush (3 years)


Yan Starcere's armour blessing Enchantment on helm Never lie to outsiders Swording
Jonorals Blessing +5 to Fearless ability Never refuse challenge to 1-to-1 combat, even from a non-Humakti Humakt initiation
Kargan Tor's sword blessing +10 to sword combat abilities Never fight with anything but cult weaponry Hrujjar's testing
Special Tireless skill Never consume alcohol High holy day ceremonies
Special Resist disease and poison Never use poison High holy day ceremonies

Notable Items

Iron Bastard Sword: Bursts into flames when drawn 17, Reluctant to harm fire or sky cultists 17W
Bronze Great Sword: Beautifully forged 5W, Ancient 5W
Aldryami copper armour: Light weight 17, Aldryami manufacture 1W
Silvered bronze helm: Well forged 15, Yan Starcere’s armour blessing +3
Silver Whistle: Summon Fine Horse ??


KeywordsMale tusk rider (?) ??, initiate of ??
affinity1 20 (feats)
affinity 2 20 ()
affinity 3 6W ()
Other skillsin here ??
Relationshipsto Khan
EquipmentLeather Armour +1, Longbow +3
Combatquick ref of skills
Notesprobably a lot of them
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