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Cat god of hunting

Mythology of Yinkin

Yinkin is the son of Kero Fin, Mountain Mother, and Fralar, King of the Carnivores. Born in the Whistling Caves of his mother, his earliest life was solitary. He groomed, stalked, explored, and learned to bite before anyone knew his name. In the primeval forest of Esjenen [of the Orlanthi] and Orandaro [of the Hsunchen] he crept and followed every creature. None could escape him by hiding, running, or changing shape.

Many goddesses desired the handsome alynx, but he was very hot, and only one of them could curl up with him without burning. One day,Eurmal fed Yinkin catnip so that he fell into a deep sleep. Then Eurmal led the Bad Dogs to him and helped them to steal his heat, so that he was only normal temperature. Yinkin did not mind, however, because it let him get closer to more goddesses. He seduced and loved each differently, and each bore a different litter after he left. Every one still waits for him and is glad when their tom comes by.

In the Gods War, Yinkin had to choose between his nature and his kin when the Serpentbeast Brotherhood demanded that he join them or die. Orlanth swept through Orandaro to save Yinkin, and asked only for fraternal duty in return. Later, the Brotherhood seized Yinkin again and demanded that he follow only his father, the great beast spirit Fralar. Yinkin stayed loyal to the Thunderer, who freed him again. That was when Yinkin decided to be a god and not a spirit. The Serpentbeast Brotherhood mustered all the hsunchen and invaded again, trying to carry away all of the god animals. Yinkin defeated the Brotherhood and kept many creatures alive that did not come from the Spirit World.

The fraternal loyalty of Yinkin and Orlanth is legendary. When Yinkin was still a cub Orlanth accidentally blew him out of the cave so that he hurtled towards the rocks below. Orlanth rescued him because that is what brothers do. The two traveled together many times, often competing for the affections of the same goddess. Later, when Urox bullied Yinkin, Orlanth soundly beat the Bull with a lariat and stick. Yinkin in turn also saved his brother several times. They worked together during the Gods War. Yinkin even accompanied Orlanth when he left in exile, and saved him when he caught the scent of an invisible enemy that was waiting in ambush.

After Orlanth left the world Yinkin wandered the wilds, helping lost humans and preying upon monsters. He taught people to hunt, and left litters of his descendants to help the humans. As the snow deepened so that even gods had difficulties, Yinkin slept in snow caves. The world continued to cool down until no one could tell the difference between life and death, and Yinkin left his cave to hunt less and less often.

Yinkin wandered this Land of the Dead, growing weaker and weaker, for there were no creatures to hunt. He happened upon the Frozen Man. Instead of eating the corpse-cold man, he licked him until he thawed. Yinkin was delighted to find that it was his own brother, Orlanth, who fed Yinkin his last rations and went on with his Lightbringer’s Quest, which strengthened Yinkin so that he was present when Arachne Solara cast the Net of the Great Compromise. He marched with Orlanth into the reborn world, and even today is worshipped everywhere the Storm Tribe is known.

From the book

Abilities Close Combat (Claw and Bite Fighting), Climb, Dodge, Jump, Acute Hearing, Flirt, Light Sleeper, Mythology of Yinkin.
Virtues Curious, Hedonistic, Loyal.
HuntingGrow Claws, Leap from Hiding, Move without Sound, Paralyzing Bite, Scent Foe
SensualityFeel No Guilt, Preen Self, Seduce, Sleep Anywhere

Along with the flirting we decided that Yinkin should have some more cat-like abilities available.

e.g. Look Innocent, Feign Indifference, I'm In Charge Not You

Alusar The Spy

Perception Identify Scent, Ferret out Secret, Find Hidden Thing, See in Dark, See Hidden Being

It seems strange that Alusar doesn't have any magic for improved hearing so we added:

Prick Up Ears

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