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Warriors are specialized, full-time fighters from barbarian and tribal homelands. They are the elite fighters in their societies, trained to defend their village or homeland in single combat and in battle. Barbarians fight in battles as tribal or clan groups, not as disciplined military units.

Beginning Hero SuggestionsWarriors are natural protagonists in HeroQuest, whether seeking glory or defending their people.
Appropriate HomelandsBison People, Esrolia, Grazer, Heortling, Puma People, Tarsh.
AbilitiesEndurance, Guard Camp, Know [Enemy] Tactics, Know Local Area, Listen, [Melee Weapon] Fighting, [Missile Weapon] Fighting, Recognize Fighting Style, Recognize Foe, Ride, Scout, [Unit Style Mass Combat].
Typical Personality TraitsBloodthirsty, Boastful, Brave, Determined, Grim.
Typical Relationshipsto Clan, Tribe, or Leader; to Warband.
Typical FollowersA warrior typically has an assistant and a groom or servant to help him, both good at fighting. Famous warriors acquire many followers.
Standard of LivingCommon.
Typical EquipmentAppropriate weapons and armor, a horse (see page 31); medium armor is most common.

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