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Ten Thane

Some suggested additional abillities for those with some Ten Thane experience

And Warband Tactics, since Ten-thanes are required to have it. Also Leadership.

From Siggyr's sheet:

Experienced Ten Thane 15W

Anticipate Orders, Brawl, Identify Foe, Know Lunar Tactics +3, Legion Tactics +10, Legion Traditions, Look After the Troops, Make Camp, March, Scan for Danger, Scouting (-3), Stand Guard, Swear like a Soldier, Shieldwall Fighting, Sword and Shield Fighting (+5), Temple Regulations

Gavain Additional comments:

As presented on Siggyr's sheet the Ten Thane keyword serves both as a soldier and a leader keyword. For those newly acquiring the Ten Thane role then only the leadership and responsibility skills should be included.

AbilitiesAnticipate Orders, Bark Orders, Intimidate Civilian, Leadership, Look After the Troops, Tolerate Insubordination, Train Unit, Unit Tactics
Typical Personality TraitsAs soldier/warrior but could be Bullying, Inspiring, Methodical etc.
Typical Relationshipsto Leaders, to Troops.
Typical FollowersA tenthane is likely to have at least one follower to act as aide de camp.
Standard of LivingProsperous.
Typical EquipmentAppropriate weapons and armor, a horse; medium armor is most common likely to be better quality equipment than the general troops.


From early Chronicles
The hundred thanes and the warleader usually appoint Tenthanes. In this situation, however, it is usual for a new or temporary tenthane to be elected from amongst the weaponthanes. 'Elect' is probably an ambiguous term - in some cases the choice is probably obvious, in others a duel may be fought. As the legion has been in Heortling lands for some generations then local customs have become integrated with older traditions: Where there are two, three or more strong candidates then they may all speak up in turn, proclaiming why they are the obvious choice. The decision of the squad would then be announced by wapentake. It is not obligatory for the senior officers to confirm the weaponthanes selection, and in some cases have been known to assign tenthanes from other units if they feel no-one is competent.

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