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Invented for [[DoriSheet Dori's ]] benefit.
Aka. "Raven's Eye" in her case.
Non-Humakti spies may add things like "lie convincingly".

Some of the skills listed overlap - I'm just throwing ideas down while I think of them, trying to choose the best wording.

|=|{vertical-align:top}Abilities||Assess military capability, Break into Building, Careful phrasing*, Deduction, Fade into background, Good memory, Intuitive leap, Lie Convincingly, Mapping, Observant, Penetrate Camp, Persistent, Put two and two together, Recognise pattern, Silent Movements, Spot discrepancy, Work Undercover.||
|=|{vertical-align:top}Typical Personality Traits||Cynical, Curious, Loner.||
|=|{vertical-align:top}Typical Relationships||Useful contacts.||

* So as to speak the exact truth while implying something entirely different.

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