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Invented for Dori's benefit.
Aka. "Raven's Eye" in her case.
Non-Humakti spies may add things like "lie convincingly".

Some of the skills listed overlap - I'm just throwing ideas down while I think of them, trying to choose the best wording.

AbilitiesAssess military capability, Break into Building, Careful phrasing*, Deduction, Fade into background, Good memory, Intuitive leap, Lie Convincingly, Mapping, Observant, Penetrate Camp, Persistent, Put two and two together, Recognise pattern, Silent Movements, Spot discrepancy, Work Undercover.
Typical Personality TraitsCynical, Curious, Loner.
Typical RelationshipsUseful contacts.

* So as to speak the exact truth while implying something entirely different.

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