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Scouts are the eyes and ears of any army, be it civilised or barbarian. Scouts are required to venture into enemy territory and accurately report back on the deployment of forces and movements. They specialise in quiet, unobtrusive movements and are exempt from the mass combat styles practiced by the heavier troops.

Beginning Hero SuggestionsEx-soldiers are natural heroes for HeroQuest adventure as they have both skills and independence. they might have left the military at the end of a term of service or else be deserters or stragglers left behind after a terrible defeat.
Appropriate HomelandsAny.
AbilitiesCamouflage Self, Estimate Numbers, Keen Senses, Make Camp, Mapping, Move under Cover +3, Recognise Foe, Ride, Run Fast, Scan for Danger, Scouting +3, Silent Movements, Swear Like a Trooper, Warband Tactics, Watch from Hiding.
Fighting SkillsDodge Attack, [Unit Melee Weapon] -5, [Unit Missile Weapon] +3
Typical Personality TraitsBrave, Disciplined -3, Independent, Patient, Quick Thinking
Typical Relationships to Commander or Unit; to Old Comrades
Typical Followers As an active scout their followers tend to be apprentice scouts or skirmishers. Back at camp they may have backboys etc. though this would be less common.
Standard of LivingCommon
Typical EquipmentOne or two weapons, armour, and camp equipment.

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