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This cult is no longer functional, because Oilamley is dead: Illig killed him.

yes, Yelmalio spelt backwards. As invented by Guy for the Shattered Mirror.
In fact it turns out to have been a Vivamorti herocult in disguise, lying to its own worshippers. How it managed to produce three affinities at that rate is beyond me.

Cf the Yelmalio keyword
but I prefer the old RQ idea that Yelmalio has the Truth rune. Light, Truth, Death, wasn't it? But not the grain affinity he gets now!

"There is a memory there. Braggi told a story once about Solars who slew Humakti in Fire Season in honour of their god. Aelf clutches at the memory, and watches it take form. Braggi, sitting around a campfire, telling secret tales. A deceitful cult, a false god - the Unconquered Sun. Their story that the sun was never killed, the emperor never died, and their ritual slaughter of Humakti to prove their conquest of Death. Braggi named this god Oilamley, the evil mirror-twin of Yelmalio, whose powers were a withering light, fighting prowess, and deceitfulness. Aelfwyrd feels a chill run down his spine, for what Braggi had told of these men was not bed-time chatter for babes. "

Cavos was HP in the Pavis/SC area. Many of his followers were destroyed at Yellow Sky. He died in the Rubble, one of his junior followers (Santhis) has changed sides, one was killed by him when kidnapping Dori, one prisoner was partially drained by him, then left in an collapsing underground temple by the PCs and several more are currently tied up and awaiting inquisition: next to a DEmon Rose that sucks the blood of anyone it can get its tendrils into.

Looks like Braggi had encountered them, too, much earlier.

And Parus came over here from Carmania to find the artifacts, so it's known of there.

Dark/withering Light. One feat takes Sunlight and transmutes it into an attack of Withering Light on someone else. But there must be a victim...
Anti-death - reflecting/resisting Death magic.

we know they had a Mirror ritual to draw power (souls, memories) from victims, and use it to...? prolong their lives, give them power...? but that had Dragon-newt help, and some powers will have been from the Mirror. Though the MIrror itself was an artifact of the cult, even though they didn't know much about it till after it was destroyed.

The Deception affinity is used among other things to hide their Chaos taint, and to pretend to be "normal" Yelmalians.

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