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Ideas from Sam Elliot and Gavain, on the Upland Marsh group

SkillsLeadership, Skirmisher Tactics, Enemy Cavalry Tactics, Look After the Troops, Army Politics, Write Report, Order troops, Officers mess traditions
PersonalityLook Like You Know What You're Doing, Spotless, Authoritative
RelationshipsFeels Responsible for (unit), Senior officers, non commissioned officers

From HW p91

Army Officer

The Lunars have units from several different armies in Dragon Pass. The largest number of units are from the Provincial Army, which is tasked with patrolling the land, guarding tax collectors, and generally keeping the Orlanthi barbarians in their place. Units of the Imperial Army are less common, and generally serve as guard units for the Imperial enclaves in the various Orlanthi cities.

Entry RequirementsMembership in an appropriate cult, plus sponsorship. Political appointees need only the sponsorship of their patron or family. Others need a minimum of 10 at a leadership ability, plus 1 at a combat ability. The Provincial Army tends to promote skilled officers, while the Imperial Army units are often gatherings of nobles’ sons.
Physical SkillsRide.
Mental SkillsFill Out Paperwork, Lead Unit, Read New Pelorian, Write New Pelorian.
MagicInitiate or devotee access to the regimental god, depending on rank.
BenefitsComplete support from the unit, salary commensurate with rank, opportunities for pillage.
DisadvantagesNo personal time.
Living StandardProsperous (for low-level officers) to very rich (for high-level officers).
EquipmentGold- or silver-chased arms and armor, several horses, several servants, a unit of bodyguards, villa.

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