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Legionaries are the fighting soliders of the Herewardi Temple's Cohorts. They come from many lands, and many traditions of war, but as part of the Legion they are forged into the Warleader's sword. They learn to follow orders, to fight together as a unit, the traditions and history of the Legion, and their place within it.

Legionaries are heavy infantry, most effective as disciplined shock troops to break an enemy shieldwall. In the Legion's history there have also been cohorts of cavalry, and even of archers and skirmishers.

Appropriate Homelands Any, but currently most recruits are from Esrolia and elsewhere in the Holy Country, Sartar, and Prax.
AbilitiesTemple Regulations, Identify Foe, Know [Enemy] Tactics, Make Camp, March, Scan for Danger, Scouting (-3), Stand Guard, Swear like a Soldier, Shieldwall Fighting*, Sword and Shield Fighting (+5), Legion Traditions.
Typical Personality TraitsBrave, Callous, Disciplined (+3), Loyal
Typical Relationshipsto Commander, to Unit; to Old Comrades
Typical FollowersInfantry soldiers of note or renown may have a couple of people following them. Ambitious cousins wanting to learn the trade will lug stuff around, servants can be hired, and friends from the service may be hanging on.
Standard of LivingCommon
Typical EquipmentOne or two weapons, armour, and camp equipment.
GenerallyMelee weapons, heavy armour. Also some form of exotic loot is possible.

*I figure Shieldwall Fighting (the mass combat ability) should also include the ability to maneouver into different formations, a la the Roman legions. Tactics is missing from this list - what does a grunt know about tactics? i figure that it is something that is either part of a Ten-Thane / Hundred Thane keyword, or studied by individuals.

(Adapted from HeroQuest p. 32 Copyright Issaries Inc.)

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