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just as a data point, here is what I used years ago in another game: (3 affinities and a secret, no real write-up, I'm afraid)

* Hunger [Sense Hunger, Empty Stomach, Cutting Teeth, Eat Earth & Stone, Devour Body, Acid Mouth]
* Ambition [Perceive Ambition, Unspeakable Oath, Everybody Has a Price, I'll Be the Best, Bow Down Before Me, Understand Power Plays, Create Rumour]
* Chaos [Spit Pratzim, Krarshtkid Skin, Hideous Maw, Call Krarshtkid, Multiply Krarshtkid, Dominate Chaos Creature]

Secret : Big Mouths and Little Hands [the devotee spontaneously understands hierarchical relationships and hates and enmities and incomprehensions between people. Unless a specific counter-magic is used, the TN is the classical 14].

From: "kojitsuke_swallow" <>
I've had a few notes on Krarsht wirtten down for a while. I figured it might be good to treat it as a kind of Chaotic equivilent to Lanbril, hiding behind many different Thief Cults and similar.

Krarsht Religious Keyword.
Entry Requirements: Be recruited by an existing worshiper.
Homelands: Any Genertelan.
Abilities: Bribery, Dart Fighting or Knife Fighting, Hide, Mythology of Krarsht, Sneak, Worship Krarsht.
Virtues: Ambitious, Deceitful.
Common Magics:
Voice of the Deciever Talents - Disarming Smile, Honeyed Tongue, Muffle Sound, Slow heartbeat, Tell Lies as Truth.
Devouring Mother talents - Climb Anything, Command Krarshitid, Second Mouth, Sweat Acid, Venomous Bite.

Other Side: The Caverns of the Great Mother are twisting collections of tunnels and chambers hidden between the Worlds. After death her worshiper's Spirits, Essenses and Souls are called deeper into this realm, until they find Krarsht herself, and are devoured by her.

Disadvantages: Worship of Krarsht is forbidden almost everywhere. Leaving the cult is punishable by death.

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