Kaargan Many Weapons

by Adam

So, with some outrageous plagiarism and a dash of inspiration here is a basic strawman for Kaargan Many Weapons. The sub cult represents a young Karrg training (along with a host of other wannabe war gods such as Humakt, Polaris, Shargash, Yelmalio, Zorak Zoran) under Kargan Tor, the first god of conflict and war, at the celestial court.

Kaargan Many Weapons [Dagori Inkarth, Pavis]

Karrg is a master of the mace, and mace-and-shield is the most common and popular weapon among Uz. There is no precise cultural taboo among Uz with regards to using 'foreign' weapons, but all Uz are taught that the mace is the finest weapon. Kaargan teaches that the mace is indeed a fine weapon but that Karrg had to master many weapons, styles and strategies to overcome particular foes and problems. His worshippers teach that where Karrg first failed to triumph, he succeeded when learned 'something different' and tried again. His worshippers emphasize an open, studious and cosmopolitan Karrg and as such they are perceived at best as unorthodox, heretics at worst. They tend to travel far more widely than The Mother would normally allow Karrg. They can often be found on journey's between major Uz settlements, in order to study, teach and carry intelligence. Among most Uz, however, Kaargan worshipers are viewed with considerable suspicion and as such they tend to be secretive about cult membership and purpose. Those with insight understand the cult to be ancient and one that that retains obscure lore on Karrg's early life, his rise to prominence and relationship with Kargan Tor.

The cult acts a specialized trainer, teacher, tutor, master for part and full time warriors. In general this is melee combat, either common or exotic in nature, but with a focus on foreign skills, styles and tactics. While historically some Kaargan worshipers have taken prominent and flamboyant roles there numbers have dwindled significantly. Today, most are now usually found in the service of a Karrg Son or Great Warlord as specialist trainer and advisor.

Kaargan is commonly depicted in stone much as Karrg, a large snarling Uz, armoured and holding a mace and shield. There are a handful of ageless stone images scattered across the lands which depict a huge, ancient, many armed male Uz. He is garbed in heavy patterned archaic armour, each arm wielding an unusual or unknown weapon. These sites are considered holy to Kaargan followers and other folks that would gather to honour primal conflict and war.

Non-Uz are never accepted as worshippers to Karrg, but the sub cult of Kaargan can occasionally prove an exception. Those who demonstrate great devotion can be accepted into the sub cult but the costs are said to be great. In fact, temporary alliances with Kaargan worshipers are more likely with outsiders than those with other Karrg sub cults.

Kaargan worshipers know that a great conflict is upon them, they teach so as to arm the Uz against the nightmares that are yet to come, and the vengeance left to be taken against ancient enemies.

Membership Requirements: Must convince the examining devotee of suitability; this usually consists of defeating a number of expert weapon-armed foes, and returning the weapons to the examiner.
Mundane Abilities: Close Combat (any), Tactics (any), Training (any)
Virtues: Independent, Secretive.
Affinity: Conflict (Crushing Edge, Keen Blade, Huge Throw, Battle Roar, Fight All Day, Hack to Pieces, Know Weapon, Know Enemy)
Notes: This subcult is often regarded as suspect by other Uz.

Ps. Another possible name is Kaargan the Weapon Master but that sounded rather untrollish...?

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