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Jalmar is a sub-cult of Humakt.

The Brothers of Jalmar are mercenaries like other Humakti, but accept only cartain highly specific missions. Their main focus is presenting a bulwark against the minions of chaos, through localisation and annhilation. Certain chapters within the subcult also maintain particular vigilance against the subtle intrusions of chaos into society.

The Brotherhood is very self-contained and has remained hidden behind a curtain of religious secrecy since the days of Arkat, and has no official connections outside the cult of Humakt, and few even within it. Amongst its lore, the members of this subcult maintain various rites and wisdoms related to the myths and rituals of other chaos-hating cults. Thus, at times when they need to prove their worth to gain the assistance or trust of others, the Knights of Jalmar can prove their credibility through this lore.

Apprentice (Initiate)

Standard AbilitiesChaos Hunter Lore, See Hidden, Strike Fast, Tracking.
Special AbilitiesJalmari Philosophy, Meditation, Mystic Movement.
VirtuesDedicated, Reticent.
Initiation giftJalmari Philosophy - The followers of Jalmar are spiritually awakened so as to be able to study certain mystical arts despite being theists. This may well be another name for Illumination, if only the HQ rules had defined Illumination yet.
Initiation geas:The Brotherhood of Jalmar must never be betrayed, or discussed with an outsider, unless such is specifically ordered by the Senior Knight or his Lieutenants.

Knight (Devotee)

Affinities and feats:

Anti-ChaosImpede Chaos Wound, Know Chaos, Resist Chaos, Resist Scocery, Undetectable to Chaos
DeathAdditional feat - Annihilate Chaos
HonorAdditional feat - Sense Chaos

Grimoirs and Spells:

Book of LightSword of truth Used to test other Jalmari and prove their loyalty. Creates a magical blade to appear, burning with white flame, invisible to normal sight
Detect illumination
Test Illumination typesee if the illuminant has gone to the Dark Side. aka Sense Deceiver
Illuminate Manuscript used to add coded messages to other more innocent messages, this spell is also used to read the encoded messages.
Book of ShadowsBanish Demon Used to undo any summoning magic, though is usually only used if it is not possible to kill the demon.

Devotional Heroquest Unbreakable Blade Geas: Never use clubs and maces.

Jalmari Philosophy
Philosophical training is the cornerstone of Jalmari training. It defines their way of thinking and perception of the world about them. In practical terms this skill can be used to resist mind control and unsought illumination. Additionally it can be used to detect those who are illuminated.

Standard Humakti training involves some meditation, the Jalmari take this one step further and use this training to improve their mental abilities and toughness. This skill can therefore be used as an augment to many mental abilities including magic use.

Mystic Movement
Movement abilities are honed through taxing ritual actions of all types: balancing on ropes, jumping through narrow gaps, climbing sheer cliffs, moving across loose boards without a sound even standing absolutely still for hours on end. Most importantly the feeling of oneness with your weapons and surroundings is cultivated

Notes and Musings

All mystic spells must be contained on a talisman. This should either be a sword or the Three Banded Glove gained from the Unbreakable Sword Quest.

There must be rumors that a Jalmari grimoire exists somewhere detailing all the various sorcerous spells that Jalmar collected. Other mystic spells are known to the knights but unsupervised development of these is proscribed as this may lead to the road of madness and chaos.

There is I think deliberately a lack of mere hurt chaos feats in the Anti-Chaos Affinity, because Jalmari see wounding chaos as a waste of time. They are only interested if they can complete the job. Otherwise just watch and learn until you can defeat it. This also fits in with the Annihiliate Chaos feat.

I think also that Jalmari think of Death as separation rather than destruction, but for the chaos entities they slay there is no difference as they have no otherworld to be reincarnated from. For them there is only really oblivion.

Jalmari Magic

The power of Jalmar came from his willingness to endure most hardships in his ceaseless battle against Gabji. He saw Godcleaver as the ultimate weapon and quested, to find his own version, in the unbreakable blade quest that all potential devotees are required to fulfil.

The quest has three parts and completing all three parts causes the quester to become illuminated. The route provides a safe path to illumination. Especially as the final part is to fight Sunbiter, without illumination and the ability to make the unbreakable blade the quester is doomed to die. He is tested mentally by the Flame of Truth and by Styx and physically by Sunbiter. Though the ultimate test is seeing beyond the physical nature of his sword, which is needed to defeat Sunbiter. Which is as good a definition of illumination as any.

To me it is logical that the Unbreakable Blade is a wizardry spell as it comes from gleaning knowledge and wizardry is about "what you know". There is a lot of the Jalmari character that is about "knowing" stuff that allows them to relate to the wizardry side of things. More to the point is it quite possible to use wizardry spells without the knowledge of grimoires. This leads me to speculate that the mystical rituals of Jalmar are in fact wizardry spells learned from other devotees.

In the write up Jalmar has only one temple The Monastery of the Light of Truth in the Stormwalk Mountains. It is here that the cults magical powers are centred and here would reside the cults magical grimoires. Because of the nature of the Jalmari I would find it hard to believe that there would be any copies of the grimoires. I certainly don't see the Jalmari Knights carrying books around that might be found. So I would presume that the Knights would return to the temple to learn new spells.

We have proposed that a second temple exists in the Big Rubble. One could speculate that the grimoires were taken from the Monastery to create the portals of power needed in the second temple. This could coincide with the overrunning of Pavis and the books were lost to the Monastery. Over the many hundred years that follow it could easily be possible that the leadership of the cult decided to call their magic mystical to offset the prejudice of the local recruits. Also, they share a temple with Kargan Tor, who is almost the definition of "mystical"! This is bound to have had some effect.

I am proposing that the Jalmari have two grimoires: The Book of Light and The Book of Shadows, the former dealing with aspects of illumination and the latter dealing with demons. There will be no book of chaos since they get that as an affinity directly from Jalmar himself.

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