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Hunters roam the wildlands in search of prey. They hunt game with bow and arrow, javelin, or sling, and set snares for smaller animals. Hunters catch animals at specific times of the year. It is a minor offense to hunt an animal out of season, usually worth a cow to the chieftain, but occasionally more if harm befalls the wild herds due to over-hunting or taking pregnant animals. An especially great hunter might trap an earthshaker, but would not be expected to fight it (that’s what warriors are for!).

Hunters usually join the fyrd as archers, and so are exempt from the requirement of keeping a spear, shield, and helmet. Their bow marks them as a freeman.

Beginning Hero Suggestions
Appropriate HomelandsBison People, Esrolia, Grazer, Heortling, Puma People, Tarsh.
AbilitiesAcute Senses, Butcher, Hide in Cover, Know Prey Animals, Listen, Mimic Animal Sounds, Ranged Combat (Archery, Javelin, or Sling), Set Traps, Stalk, Track.
Typical Personality TraitsClever, Patient.
Typical Relationshipsto Clan, Tribe, or Leader.
Typical Followers
Standard of LivingMinimal.
Typical EquipmentBow and arrows, snares, traps; various furs, skins, teeth, and claws of prey; small stead or hunting camp.

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