Magic Keyword: Humakt


Physical abilities: Close combat (Dagger Fighting, [sword] Fighting), Craft Weapon.
Mental abilities: Mythology of Humakt, Recognize Lie, Warband Tactics.
Virtues: Brave, Honorable.
Affinities: Death, Honor


Mental abilities: Initiate to Humakt, Perform Sacrifice, Pray to Humakt.
Affinities and feats:
Death (Bless corpse, Death song berserk, Fight undead, Lay ghost, Visage of fear)
Honor (Empower oath, Know truth, Sense ambush, Sever relationship, Shame coward)

Secret: Death (Acts as a mystic strike; if the target's AP are driven to 0 or below he dies. The power of Death manifests differently in each person - some cause death with a glance, other with the cut of their sword and still others with the touch of their shadow.)

Note: Humakt is unusual in that his secret stems from the core deity, not from the subcults. Thus, devotees of all subcults who choose to learn the secret all learn the same one.

Gifts and Geases

Hu of the Nine Silences

(pp. 95-97 Storm Tribe. Copyright Issaries Inc.)

Death Light

Some general speculations and a carmanian proposal from Loran

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