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Herw'Ard the Sword Prophet keyword

(a carmanian variation)

When the southerner Hero came in Pelanda, he was both psychically and physically wounded and people advised him to visit the Goddess Charmain of the Oroninae people around the Oronin Lake. He was wearing at this time a formidable sword, which will give him later the title of Sword Prophet.

Seeing a man of valor and having pity on his current health, the goddess healed him with her watery powers.
During his convalescence, he stayed in her Castle Blue and they had long conversations where Charmain learned some new secrets about right leadership, truth and lie.
Much later, when her son Karmanos studied under her wise tutelage, Herw'Ard's teachings were among the philosophical bases that the first Shah of the Carmanians used to define the rules of his visionary church.

Today Herw'Ard is honored within the Karmanos's cult, among many others sources, as a good Hero and shrines are usually maintained in the white churches.
Because this hero cult encourage right leadership and has powers to determine truth, it is sometime used by various individuals wishing to denounce some wrong practices in the carmanian society, especially among its leaders.
Most of the Carmanian Viziers tolerate this problematic cult as a tool used by Idovanus to detected Ganesatarus infestation, but of course, noble houses and people in power usually disagree with Herw'Ardi lonesome and disturbing crusades for truth. Cultists tend to be persecuted by profane authorities (unless they prove to be right to spiritual authorities).

A carmanian myth by Tim

Requirements Keep to Herw'Ard’s Code
Physical Abilities Resist Cold
Mental Abilities Recognise Lie
Magical abilities Starting at 6 or less: heroquest vision
Personality Suspicious, Skeptical, or Iconoclastic
Disadvantages admired by the persecuted, despised by the powerful, the cultist tend to be a loner, a martyr and a exile, unless he becomes recognized for his revelations on a sinful practice.
TruewindWeigh Truth ritual, Refreshing honesty, Blow Away Lie, ...

Herw'Ard’s Code

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