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=====Hereward keyword =====
(as copied from Smartgroups)

The [[MythHereward Herewardi myth]]

|=|Requirements||Keep to Hereward’s Code||
|=| Physical Abilities|| Resist Cold||
|=| Mental Abilities||Recognise Lie ||
|=| Magical abilities|| Starting at 6 or less: Heroquest Vision||
|=|Personality ||Suspicious, Skeptical, or Iconoclastic ||
|=|{width:20%}Truewind || Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth, [[FeatTOTW| Truth on the Wind]], Howling Doomwind, [[FeatWTR|Weigh Truth ritual]], [[FeatALR|Assess Leader Ritual]], Truth on the Wind||
|=|(y:2) Personal Feats || Dori - Clear the Air||
||Graylor - Protect the Truth||

==== Hereward’s Code ====
~- Do not preach or claim to know the truth, but encourage others to find it for themselves
~- Do not shirk responsibilities
~- Do not lie to those who follow you
~- Defend the truth
~- Do not slaughter innocents; kill responsibly
~- Seek the Truth
~- Behave honourably
~- Never deceive followers who are Hereward cultists, or suffer Wracking Pangs of Guilt until the mistake is corrected.
~- Never give allegiance to non-members of Hereward Cult. Cooperation with others is allowed, but not under duress or conditions requiring unquestioning loyalty (e.g., no oaths of loyalty).
~- Obey superiors within the cult

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