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Quick communications are essential to the smooth running of the empire, its temples, and its economy. Couriers perform this job. Usually they ride a relay of fast horses, but in some regions they may be runners or boatmen or even ride wyverns. Couriers work for the government, a powerful aristocrat, the military, a merchant house, or anyone else who needs messages delivered as quickly and reliably as possible.

This Courier is a specialization of Cavalry Soldier (see HeroQuest, page 31).

Specialized SkillsAssess Quickest Route, Disciplined –3, Endurance, Know Imperial Geography, Make Camp –3, Ride (or Run Fast, or Boating, etc) +5; no Unit Style Mass Combat or Unit Missile Weapon.
Typical Personality TraitsLoner.
Typical EquipmentLong distance horse (or similar item), hand weapon, light armor, toll exemption
Cavalry solider abilitiesArmy Regulations, Camp, Care for Horse, Identify Foe, Riding, Scan for Danger, Scouting, Swear like a Trooper, [Unit Style Mass Combat], [Unit Melee Weapon], [Unit Missile Weapon], [Unit] Traditions.

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