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From the Imperial Bureaucrat in HW p92

While the soldiers may talk about their contributions to the Empire, the bureaucrats know that they are the true backbone of Imperial might. Without the long-suffering clerks, assessors, and secretaries, the business of the Empire would grind to a halt. The bureaucracy is also the best place to fill your own pocket since bureaucrats are always in a position to make a little (or a lot) extra. Such is a natural way of the system.

Entry RequirementsEducation (scholar or similar occupation) and patronage.
Physical Skills Create Paperwork, Sign Manager’s Name, Sneak Documents.
Mental SkillsFile Documents, Find Items, Know Bureaucracy, Lie with a Straight Face, Look Busy, Read New Pelorian, Write New Pelorian.
Relationship to Department Head, to rest of Department.
PersonalityToo busy to talk to you.
Magic Initiate or devotee access to Buserian, Irrippi Ontor, or Lokarnos.
BenefitsIn the center of the government; can influence or change procedures; access to wealth or state secrets.
Disadvantages Looked down upon by soldiers and officers.
Living Standard Common to very rich, depending on position and office.
EquipmentOffice space in government building depending on office held (from a desk or cubical to a suite of offices), staff of scribes and servants, house or villa.

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