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=====Chalana Arroy=====
Storm Tribe p 31
Initiates take an oath to aid all within the limits of their ability and never to harm a living creature. They must be vegetarians (although most drink milk and eat cheese). Many voluntarily eschew using any products that require the shedding of blood to obtain, and thus wear no leather or furs, use no gut strings, etc. Sheared wool is acceptable, as are milk, cheese, and similar products harvested without bloodshed.

Chalana Arroy healers wear simple and distinctive clothing to set themselves off from the world. This uniform consists of a white shirt or blouse with a sash over the right shoulder. The sash is usually white with a band of color that marks the particular subcult to which the devotee belongs: orange (Ferace), brown (Natyrsa), green (Pranjala), or purple (Sisters of Mercy). High healers lack this band of color.

The initiate may not learn any Close Combat or Ranged Combat ability; if they already know any they are expected to buy them down over time, as if they were flaws. Failure to do so is a sign of impiety. The initiate may never use any physical or magical ability that might harm the world or its inhabitants. Doing so incurs Chalana Arroy’s wrath and the loss of healing power. Heroes who switch cults to Chalana Arroy need not immediately buy down their combat abilities, which remain on their character sheets as temptations until bought down to 12 and removed.

====Magic Keyword====
|=|{width:20%} Physical Abilities||Chirurgery, Restrain Patient.||
|=|Mental Abilities||Brew Healing Potion, Find Healing Materials, Mythology of Chalana Arroy, Mythology of the Lightbringers, Sing, Treat Disease, Treat Poison.||
|=|Virtues||Calm, Impartial, Merciful, Pacifist.||
|=|Affinities||Calm Fear, Heal Wounds.||

====Affinities and Feats:====
|=|{width:20%}Calm Fear||Comforting Song, Quiet Everyone, Sleep, Stop Berserk Rage, Stop Panic||
|=|Heal Wounds||Heal Chaos Wound, Heal Dying [5W], Heal Injury [15], Heal Poisoned Wound, Regenerate Damage Fully [10W], Regrow Severed Limb, Stop Bleeding||

====Subcults of Chalana Arroy====
== A r r o i n ==
Arroin is a son of Chalana Arroy, begotten by one or more of the many gods who guarded her during the Gods War. Originally a powerful healer, many Chaos gods attacked Arroin. The most devastating attack came from Grenfalur the Eater, who ate Arroin’s magic, leaving him almost dead. He fled to the Center World to await the return of his mother. There he sought refuge with the Aldryami, becoming one of their Protectors during the Great Winter. He found plants, minerals, and waters with healing properties; learned how to set bones and stitch wounds; and discovered how to treat poison and ease the ravages of disease with herbal remedies. He developed those skills to replace his magic, and greeted his mother when she returned at the Dawn. No worshipper of Chalana Arroy dedicates herself solely to Arroin. All worshippers learn his abilities, and so can always heal as he did, no matter where in the worlds they may find themselves.

== Ferace the Wild Healer ==
Ferace is a goddess of healing who cannot stay in a dwelling once she has healed the inhabitants. Her followers travel from place to place, healing anyone and anything that they meet. Followers may stay at a hospital-temple only long enough to learn new abilities, affinities, and feats, then must move on. Some devotees have a standard route they follow; others go where their heart or the goddess leads them. Initiates in the subcult must attend a devotee rather than wandering the world alone and unsupervised.
|=|Physical Abilities||Walk Long Distance.||
|=|Mental Abilities||Find Path, Well-traveled.||
|=|Virtues||Friendly, Wanderlust.||
|=|{width:20%}Travel Safely||Fade from View, Leap Away from Blow, Refreshing Rest, Run from Danger, Tireless Gait||
|=|Calm Fear Feats||Calm Predator, Reassure Stranger.||
|=|Secret||Don’t Hurt Me (Automatically succeed at a single final action during any contest in which the hero is attempting to avoid an attack, even if she normally would not be allowed a final action. The attack must come from a being on whom she has successfully used any affinity.)||

== Natyrsa Chaos Foe ==
Like many healing goddesses, Natyrsa cared for all that came to her. When the Great Darkness came, however, she found that she could not heal Chaos. When the Void tore a being from the world before her eyes and disintegrated it, Natyrsa put aside her passivity. She realized that Chaos is not a part of the world, and thus not part of Life. As such, it can and should be destroyed.
Natyrsa’s worshippers cannot fight Chaos directly because of their vows. However, they will use magic on Chaos entities and then let others slay them. Because of this, Uroxi and other Chaos fighters prefer Natyrsa’s healers to others.
|=|{width:20%}Membership Requirements||The healer must be willing to fight Chaos while maintaining the cult dictates of non-violence. Because of their lack of objectivity, they often have trouble with more traditional healers’ passive nature and acceptance (as they see it) of Chaos.||
|=|Physical Abilities||Dodge Chaos attack.||
|=|Mental Abilities||Recognize Chaos Foe.||
|=|{width:20%}Cure Chaos||Abort Broo Larvae, Detect Chaos, Exorcise Chaos Spirit, Heal Gorp Burn, Resist Chaos Magic||
|=|Calm Fear Feats||Alleviate Madness, Stop Chaos Panic.||
|=|Secret||Heal All Chaos ritual (The worshipper can completely cure any living thing wounded by Chaos. The resistance is equal to the ability rating used by the Chaos entity in the attack that caused the damage. If the victim took multiple wounds, the resistance is the highest of the ability ratings used. If the healer is victorious, all damage from Chaos wounds disappears. If the healer suffers a defeat, the patient’s wounds worsen and the patient’s chance of receiving a Chaos taint increases. Even if the patient dies, however, Natyrsa's magic ensures that the remains do not spawn any Chaos entity.||
|=|Worshippers|| Natyrsa’s followers are less passive than are members of other subcults.||

== P r a n j a l a ==
Pranjala is the mistress of defeating illness, whether it attacks the body, soul, or mind, and regardless of its Otherworld origin. When Malia became evil, a part of her revolted and pulled itself free. The evil portion tried to infect her twin with every known and unknown disease. Pranjala underwent the Hundred Trials, facing each disease in turn and defeating it. She could not heal Malia, for doing so would have destroyed her. Pranjala was the power of healing, not harming, and so she sought refuge instead with Chalana Arroy.
Devotees learn feats by lying on Pranjala’s Sickbed and being infected by disease. As Pranjala did, the devotee fights the disease, overpowering it and learning the secret of defeating it.
|=|Physical Abilities||Resist Disease.||
|=|Mental Abilities||Sense Disease Spirit.||
|=|{width:20%}Cure Disease ||Fight Disease Spirit, Fight Illness Daimon, Fight Unhealthy Essence, See Source of Disease, Stop [Disease]||
|=|Heal Wound Feats||Prevent Infection.||
|=|Secret||Restore Disease-Ravaged Body ritual (The hero can take a person whose body has suffered from the effects of disease to Pranjala’s Sickbed after the source of the disease [spirit, daimon, etc.] has been removed. There, the victim lies down and the worshipper purges their body of the effects of the disease. The resistance is equal to the total number of ability points lost to disease. If the healer is victorious, the magic restores all lost ability points. If the healer suffers a complete defeat, the patient loses additional points equal to the healer’s negative AP total, divided among all affected abilities. This can kill the victim; even if this occurs, the healer will not contract the disease.)||

== The Sisters of Mercy ==
This sisterhood of goddesses are Chalana Arroy’s daughters, adopted or otherwise. Malamse, Oronio, and Amprefesne are the three holy Sisters most often invoked. Their worship stems from the time of the Empire of the Wyrm’s Friends, and is found in southern Peloria and Maniria. Each of the sisters controls a family of nehaling (healing daimones), which worshippers summon to combat a particular injury or illness. Malamse’s daimones combat injuries of the body, Oronio’s heal injuries of the mind, and Amprefesne controls daimones that combat illness.

|=|{width:20%}Otherworld Healing||Banish Disease Daimon, Command Healing Spirit, Command Nehaling, Heal Daimon, Summon [Nehaling] ritual)||
|=|Heal Wound Feats||Restore Health, Restore Strength.||
|=|Secret||Resurrect Other ritual (Otherworld magic. The worshipper must travel to the Underworld to bring back the soul of the person they are trying to resurrect. The quest is part of the Lightbringers Quest, and is very difficult. If the healer fails, the person immediately goes to the afterlife, even if the full seven days have not elapsed since death.)||

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