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Jonorol's Blessing explanation

Does anyone have any existing ideas on how to represent this, narratively or mythically? In what form does the AP arrive (morale? energy? ability to ignore pain?), why physical combat only, and why does it stop once AP at 0?

Stephen Rennell :
I don't really have a mythic explanation but I would suggest that it's a swagger thing.

The AP in physical combat to me represent (among other things) attitude, morale, and position. A fighter with this blessing probably has some sort of self-confidence, with the body language to match, that means that until she's actually beaten, she still believes that she's going to win.

That belief affects her fighting such that she can convince herself, and her opponent, that she's gaining ground, even when the situation
appears to be going against her.

I've fought people like that in SCA combat, and it can be quite disconcerting, especially in a group combat where they are anchoring a line of troops.

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