I seem to keep writing these pages, on Lokarnos, my own homepage... that should give you some idea of the sort of things I'm sufficiently interested in to write web pages about. But it doesn't include one of those biography things. Not even a CV.

Brit. Born in Luton (yes, as in the airport) in 1965.
One younger sister Helen, now living in Devon.
Two parents (surprise!) still living in the same house in Luton. Absolutely no resemblance to Dori's parents whatsoever, in case you were worried. He's got a website too, including a load of family history.

Did the school thing (Catholic, despite being athiest, single-sex), went to Cambridge to read physics, discovered that my maths wasn't up to it so swapped to do computing for the final year. Much more fun. Also discovered role-playing...

Had been sponsored through college by British Aerospace (dad worked there), and in my year there before college, had met Dave. (Does this Wiki have emoticon things for hearts? Roses? And so on? No?)

Within two months of graduation, had a house and mortgage. Got married the following January. Stayed that way. Have lived in Beeston, near Sandy (don't blink as you go up the A1), Stevenage (where BAe is), now Biggleswade (not quite as far up the A1).

Professional history probably best viewed at my LinkedIn profile, if you're interested.

And when not working - roleplaying. I'd met Gloranatha at college, as a one-off session when I was too pissed to take it in (RQ2 and Pavis, I think). I joined a role-playing club in Stevenage, and met Glorantha again there. RQ2.5, or something like that. An acute case of YGWV, but it got me interested. The GM said not to buy background, in case it confused you. So I bought the Glorantha boxed set, and shortly afterward, King of Sartar. And I was hooked!

The same club also introduced me to the joys of waving steel swords at people. Or, to start with, quarterstaffs, as they're cheaper. And dressing up in medieval clothes to do so. A while later, I joined the Far Isles (as you can tell from my own pages) and started taking the whole medieval thing far more seriously, or at least, intensely. Clothes, food, harps, swords....

and that's about enough woffle for now, better get back to sorting Chronicles, NPCs, and so on. What else did you want to know?

Update Dec 2005 - proud owner of a PDA using which I can update this Wiki from anywhere with mobile reception.

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