Jamal bin Jaran al'Awara

Keyword: Carmanian 17
Command Social Inferiors
Carmanian Custom
Carmanian History
Know Local Area (Worion)
Geography of Carmania

Keyword: Hazar (Heavy Cavalry) 15W
Heavy Cavalry Tactics
Army Regulations
Care for Horse
Identify Foe
Scan for Danger
Swear Like Trooper

Keyword: Devotee of Bisos the Hazar 10W
Myths of Bisos the Hazar

Berserker Combat (Charge, Fight While Injured, Butt of the Bull, Fight Multiple Foes)

Bull (Loins of the Bull, Endurance of the Bull, Strength of theBull, Stoicism of the Bull, Nose of the Bull)

Hazar (Bull's Shield, Menacing Glare, Roar of the Bull)

Keyword: Member of Idovanian Dualist Church 17
Mythology of Carmanian Pantheon

Keyword: Initiate of Herw'Ard 20
Warband Tactics
Legion History
Perceive Truth (Hereward's Gift)
Affinities: Truewind
(Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth, Truth on the Wind, Howling Doomwind, Weigh Truth ritual)
Never lie to other Herw'Ard cultists

Combat Abilities
Sword and Shield Fighting 12W
Dagger Fighting 11W
Shieldwall Fighting 11W
Mounted Combat 11W
Lance 11W
Boxing 11W
Aerial Combat 13

Fear Teeth 13
Illumination 5

Other Abilities (a selection of the useful ones, and my favourites):
Argue Forcefully 13
Clever 13
Haggle 13
Indomitable Will 14
Insult Eloquently 4W
Play Ravenkaaz 15
Riddle (tell/answer) 15
Enduring Strength 19
Honourable 17

Ally: Vern 12
Ally: Cradle Riders 20 (Relation to Garreth Sharpsword +2)
Ally: Elmeh Saif 13
to Bison Riders 13
Ally: Abul 1W

Sidekick: Elnor 13
Sidekick: Abyad bin Taher 13
Commander of Vassals 15 (Boltar Barrakson,Fufold)

Special Items
Bull Spike - Iron Sword
Helm Gore of Bull 13
Black & white sword

Sidekick: Elnor
Humakti Warrior 17 (Occupation)
Persuasive 13, Perceptive 15, Accurate Strike 18

Sidekick: Jakkanna
Wizard of St Abbassar of the Dry Bones 17 (Occupation) ILH1 p36
Craft Dry Bone Medallion 13, Banish Ghost 15, Speak with Dead 18
Jakanna's got a PDA, no you can't play Solitaire on it, but it does play a reasonable game of Ravenkaaz

Sidekick: Seeker-of-Righteous-Death
Iron Man Shaman 17 (Occupation)
Spirit Sight 13, Spirit Combat 15, Great Parry 18

Retainer:Abyad bin Taher
Carmanian Warrior 17

Retainer: Boltar Baraksson
Uroxi Warrior 17

Retainer: Fufold
Orlanthi Warrior 17
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