The house al'Kathoum was one of the oldest and most feared in Worion. They could trace their line back to Cartavar the Conqueror the greatest of the Bull Shah's, who commanded the great army that conquered Darra Happa (although this was not hard given Carmanian in breeding and profligacy in the harem).

They had ruled from their citadel in the mountains of Worion, .with an iron fist, and even with the Shah-Maat of the Bull Shahs at the Battle of the Four Arrows and the rule of the Padishah Moon-son, the house al'Kathoum maintained there position. Seemingly they embodied all the good modern Carmanian virtues. But the family resented the rule of the weak 'Darra Happans', and tried to maintain the spark of the old ways.

They felt .that Aronius Jaranthir was an agent of the Deceiver, who had trick the .Magi into accepting the Lunar way. Longing for a resurgence of Carmanian identity, they secretly hid a number of apostate anti-Lunar Visirs through a network of sympathetic families and priest-holes (think Catholics in .England).

This network called themselves the "sons of the Pure Light and Dark",and tried trough subtly and guile to frustrate the empires rule in Carmania. The house al'Kathoum often fought for the empire, and was in the forefront of the war against Sheng, but in their hearts was the dream of a free Carmania.

Of course, the Eye of the Padishah would only tolerate this .for so long, but the removal of so many families without provoking a religious or political backlash would require great cunning. This, the Eye of the Padishah thought would be best done piecemeal.

Over the years and decades, families thought sympathetic to the "sons" would find themselves in the forefront of doomed military expeditions, wiped out by bad business dealings or the inflicted by mysterious diseases. The last where the al'Kathoum, seemingly safe in their highland stronghold.

Here the Sultan of Worion, Moralatap of the Anger, showed his true colours. On the "Night .of the Crimson Curtain", Moralatap raised the full power of the Lunar Academy, and their tame Visir's raised an impenetrable curtain of light around the ancestral al'Kathoum homeland. For three days and three night the curtain was raised, no one knows what happened during that time but when the curtain lifted the entire al'Kathoum and all their vassels were no more.

But not all were destroyed, for Jamal al'Kathoum and a guard of Carmanian Hasars where stationed in Tarsh on duty against Grazer raids.On the first night of the Nights of the Crimson Curtain, Jamal was wakened by dreams of his entire families anguish, just as a detachment of Lunar irregulars burst into his troops garrison to put them to the sword. Jamal fought hard, but only He and his manservant Abul escaped.

Adopting the mantle of a Humakt and taking the name of Death ,Jaran al'Awara (literally .the Great Divider),Jamal travelled south round Dragon Pass and Heortland eventually reaching the Holy County. Only in he teeming masses of Notchet City did he feel safe from the Lunar tentacles.

It was here that he first met Yodi, Dorinda and Brenna, and joined the way of Hereward Truewind, impressed by their commitment to defeat the ways of the Deceiver, and vowed his revenge on the accursed Lunars. Jamal feels that he is almost the last true Carmanian, uncorrupted by the Lunar lies.
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