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Various gadgets in the possession of characters, or of the Legion as a whole.

[[ItemSwordUnbreakable The Unbreakable Sword]]
[[ItemBWSword Jamal's black and white sword]]
[[ItemSwordOfLight Dori's one she's had since start of play]]
[[ItemSwordWater The Water Sword, present from a river for dragon-killing purposes]]
[[ItemSwordEgil Egil's sword]] Barzaad's Tooth
[[ItemIronGarotte Iron garotte, used by Black Fang assassin]]
[[ItemBrightSpear Seledd's spear]]

[[ItemAxeBalastor Balastor's Axe]]



==Cohort wyters==
[[ItemBraveheart VII - Braveheart]] - helmet
[[ItemVeil X - The Veil]] - cloak

[[ItemRisteed Risteed, the Jalmari Guardian]]

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