Shadow Veil of the Death Guardian
Hide in Shadow 18
Conceal Nature 18

Take a quick look at this myth from KoDP

In front of this cleft was a deity whose shadow towered over him like a cloak. This was Vivamort and he was the Guardian of Death. Humakt and Eurmal spoke to Vivamort and asked him to show them Death, but he refused. As Humakt tried to reason with him, Eurmal slipped inside and stole Death away. Vivamort sensed that Death had gone and challenged them, but Humakt cut him with his sword and sliced his shadow away, which Eurmal picked up and ran of with.

The two ran through Hell, evading their enemies with Vivamort’s Shadow Cloak.

Description from Chronicle
Its colour is neither black nor white, but changes as needed

The "hide in shadow" at least can be seen through by the Rigsdali feat "See Past Illusion"

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