The Unbreakable Sword
Current possessor: Illig
Legion wyter: blessings Illuminate Darkness, Recognise Preparation For Attack, Unbreakable Weapon at 18W at present.
And yes, it really is the original Unbreakable Sword, a pressie to Arkat from his dad Humakt.

A massive two-hander.
It's not iron. As Dori once said, it's older than that.

We just discovered during Graylor's initiation that if you touch it unprepared, you die.
I'm starting by giving it the approximate powers of a Disciple.
Gavain's suggestion:
Sounds reasonable. So minimum W2 in all magic and knows the cult secret plus three other abilities at W2 or greater. Sounds the minimum for when Arkat was given the sword. It is most likely that it has improved somewhat since then!
You could easily imagine it having the following affinities
Death, Honour and Sword combat at W3-W4
and Truewind, Loyalty at W2-W3 range plus the secret Death at W3-W4.
The Sword will have Sever Relationship at about 10W3 or so (this may be an underestimate, but let's go with it).
God-slayer at some rather high number, and a +1 augment from Illig.

More description in the Chronicles
Ashar, The Unbreakable Sword.
Black-bladed limb-hewer,
Gore-feasting man-killer,
Ravens fill Humakt's meadhall
Eager for meat, thirsty for blood.

Illig cradles and inspects the blade it is his honour to protect, wield and serve. He bathes him with rare shen oil, takes long smooth strokes to keen Ashar's edge, and polishes with the finest silk. It is an honour, every movement, every detail.

"Ashar" - I wonder if that's a shortened version of "a shard" - it's a shard of the original Death, from when it got broken up and Humakt had to gather up the pieces again?

Also known as "God-cleaver" IIRC. It's probably what was used to kill Yelm. It's what Arkat used to kill Gbajii (though according to one of our theories, Hereward was wielding it at the time). And now, it's what Illig used to kill Oilamley.

And it powers most of the Jalmari magic, too.

Magic based on the Sword tends to involve black light.

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