Blade of Light
Current possessor: Dori - and since unknown to her she has a Raw Greed curse with it as the target, it's going to stay that way.

Esrolian rapier, Lottery Sword, also wyter of almost-dead heroband (Dori doesn't know this)
+5 attack (speed of light)
+5 attack (feather-weight)
+5 v. trolls (sonic attack)
+5 v. trolls (burning touch)

Wyter powers:
"Daylight dazzling" feat 13
Healing Light 6
Detect trolls 6
(these last two are unknown to Dori)

There's a reflarting in there. And it activates when the Oilys touch it, tries to burn them. Later, I expect it to react much the same way to a vampire... and it did
"a weak, young, version of Vivamort approaches, coming towards him, past the Sun. And the area activates - it is the Daylight, now. And the Daylight has no love for a traitor and creature of Darkness. The sword flares in answer as he approaches. Egil had seen it in action before, but never this bright, never this angry."

Described in the Shattered Mirror, when Landros gets a look.

ST p 55
Reflarting ( B l i n d e r)
Ages: All.
Habitat: Storm Realm (God World).
Reflartings are minor daimones that resemble sunbeams. They afflict any member of the Storm Tribe who breaks an oath sworn by Elmal’s name. They also afflict worshippers of Elmal who break other oaths, especially those of loyalty or protection.
Re f l a r t i ng
Weapons and Armor: None.
Significant Abilities: None.
Innate Magical Abilities: Blind 15-20W.
Tactics: Reflartings shine into their victim’s eyes, making it difficult to perform any activity that depends on sight. The narrator should apply a penalty to appropriate abilities of 1/4 the reflarting’s Blind ability, which should of course be higher for more serious transgressions.

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