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Barzaad's Tooth

It fell to the floor, point first, and stuck in for a moment before toppling sideways.
Stuck in. To the marble floor. Had he imagined it? No, there was a chip taken out of the otherwise smooth marble where it had landed.
But... it didn't look like a magical sword. It was short, dark and plain. It was a working sword. It had no runes on it. No mystic gleam twinkled on its edge. It was old - not in the sense of "antique", or "full of legendary promise", just well-used. You could believe it was a sword that had been used so much it had ceased to be anything other than a quintessential sword; a long piece of metal with very sharp edges.

As he requested earlier, it cuts marble. And quite possibly other stone, too.

Investigated by a dwarven Sage
You've got two extra powers in there. Translating the names as best I can, the first is "Devour Wall", and the second is "Gleaming Whiteness".

Barzaad's Tooth (Broadsword) +3; Cleave Stone 5W,
Barzaad's Tooth
Evergleam (Broadsword) 2W; Hereward's Slash 19

When it was lent to Graylor, it turned out to cut stone, but NOT flesh. This may have been due to him doubting its abilities (he thinks this is the case), or it may be because its powers only work properly for a Huist, or for its "rightful" owner. ChronP23TR

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