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Risteed (Guardian)
Method: Emanation
Form: Risteed appears as a ghost within the Old Pavis Humakt Temple, and is bound to an old bronze dagger. He was once a Hero of Jalmar in Old Pavis, slain defending the temple from chaos hordes.
Communication: Risteed can communicate with anyone worshipper who touches the dagger and advise them about Old City Geography and magic. However, his recollections are often dim.
Sense Deceiver: Risteed provides only one function. Anyone who worships him gains this talent, which Risteed himself mastered on a rare and dangerous Jalmari HeroQuest. It is noted in various ancient records of the Brotherhood, that Arkat quested to find a way for his followers to distinguish fellow Arkati from disguised followers of Nysalor. Risteed repeated this quest, and this talent specifically reveals those with a connection to chaos that is hidden through Illumination. It may also be used as an augment to the 'Sense Chaos' feat if the being is in any way trying to hide the fact that it is Chaotic.

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