Yaazinda Melch’Abukk’s Talisman

Abul's medallion

Evade Darkness Creatures' Senses 5W

The first time Jakkanna saw Abul’s talisman, she immediately recognized it for what it was. She requested the teenager to let her have a look at the magical item and she read on it the name of its true owner in Spolite letters: Yaazinda Melch’Abukk.... She knew that the Melch’Abukk was an ancient name with evil connotations from the old feared Spolite Empire, but she was too far away from her country to be able to make discreet inquiries.

What it looks like now

It's a large round medallion with a non-magical bronze chain, quite heavy for a jewellery piece (the chain is new as Abul changed it a few years ago when the old one got worn out).

From its state of wear, it's absolutely not an antique, but clearly an object being worn by one or two generations maximum.

The medallion has a lead block in its centre in the form of the Darkness rune.
Around this lead block, a sophisiticated enchanted bronze discus sets it firmly and acts as a ward.
it has feminine features allowing it to be worn as a normal jewel in a Spolite cultural background.


It was forged with Abul's mother blood to make it her own personal talisman, but because of this blood link, the magic also works for her son (perhaps more weakly, but strongly enough to be useful).

Her name, Yaazinda Melch’Abukk, is also engraved in Spolite, and both faces have various maledictions against Melch’Abukk family's possible enemies, and specifically their darkness demonic agents.
It's clearly a tool made to protected a woman from a powerful Spolite family... but only if you can decypher Spolite enchantments.

If you apply the blood of a creature of Darkness to it, words appear, using a Darktongue "script" in a debased human form, but using the Spolite language.

The real history

This is the current housing for the wyter of the Melch'Abukk house, "descended from the old Spolite queens".


It was rehoused by the current head of the house, a crone (do we know her name?), who refers to this process as having "made" it.
It gives various powers (see below) that confer rulership of the House - if "claimed". Some lesser powers, those of protection are available to the wearer without it being "claimed".
When worn, it ages the wearer beyond the norm. The crone gave it to her daughter Yaazinda, but also oath-bound her not to claim it. Yaazinda was intended to be her heir, but instead ran away, along with her lover (later husband). They were Abul's parents, and she gave the medallion to him to protect him just before she died.


The writing on it gives a pretty good idea.
"Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul...."

Or to translate:
"One charm to rule them all, one charm to find them
One charm to harm them all and to the darkness blind them
In House Melch’Abukk where the shadows lie"

The translator notes that the subject and object of some of those may be indeterminate or confused, so for instance "to the darkness blind them" might also mean "blind the darkness to them."

1) Command family (be commanded by family)
2) Detect family (be detected by family)
3) Harm family (be harmed by family?)
4) "Blind family to (nature of) darkness" OR "Evade Darkness Creatures' Senses"

I don't see many users activating the alternate options voluntarily.

It also seems possible that the wyter is inherently evil and powerful, and will attempt to possess/control the user, especially if "claimed".

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