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====Iron garotte====

Rana now has this

First met round the Rat's throat, and it's unenchanted, specifically so as to stop the victim using magic to defend themselves. By the time it's in place and in use, it's more than close enough to affect them as much as their own armour.

I need to use its ability to resist damage directly, not as an augment, so I'm making it a "named item" with abilities.

Starting with the equipment bonuses, and working it out from there:
Ordinary string garotte: +1
Wire garotte: +2
Therefore, since iron doubles the bonus, iron garotte +4

"Be a garotte" (er, "garotte attack"?) +4
Resist magic +4
resist damage: half as good again as bronze, so +3

+3 is from abililties 5W to 15W: say 10W
+4 is from abililties 15W to 5W2: say 20W

"Be a garotte": 20W
Resist magic: 20W
resist damage: 10W

So to resist a "destroy weapon" feat, it uses Resist Damage as a base, at 10W, then the "resist magic" as an augment, at +4 for 14W

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