The Burger Maker
Found by Egil in some ruins. Put anything at all in the top, press a button to choose beef, chicken, or fish, wind handle, get a (tasteless) burger. Solves feeding logistics for a small group.

To quote from when it was found:
It seems to be a dull metal, or possibly some sort of stone. It's basically box-shaped, perhaps a foot across but with a horn-shaped thing on one side and a slot in the other. ...some sort of strange symbols on another side (One looks like a bull's head. Another looks a bit like a chicken. Another might be a fish.) ....a strange angular piece of metal which is hexagonal at one end. It seems to fit neatly into a hole on the side of the box and now looks like a handle of some sort. Turning the handle makes something inside the box move.

Put anything in the top (meat, zebra dung...) and:
If you press the "bull" symbol before processing, the patty that appears is a dull browny red, like low-quality beef. If you press the "chicken" symbol, what appears seems to be coated in some lighter brown covering of small tasteless particles, and on being broken open is pale inside. And the "fish" symbol produces something coated in a smoother light brown covering, and with the inside smelling vaguely of fish and looking more like bread pudding. All options taste bland. In fact, it's quite hard to tell them apart.

A thorough check of the box reveals an inscription on the bottom that says "Murkdees" next to a copy of the golden rune similar to the one that was found in the ground. (Which looked a bit like this:

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