A strange gadget Jamal found in the armoury

The entry seems divided magically somehow between black and white script. He call he asks for the item to be translated, and Graylor obliges.

"Sword of western origin by its style, divided on once side between a metal (undecernable-type) of purest white, and on the other of purest black (again origin unknown)"

Jamal looks at the others, "I would be very interested in seeing such a weapon"

OOC Could use this as a hook to try and tie an idea I had a long time ago, concerning Idovanioan myth, Her'Ward and the semi-heretical Invisible Orlanth cult

Graylor: "Jamal I think that your sword is here too. Black and white affair? Take it with the compliments of the Jalmari."

tim: "I've got a vague idea that something might happen when Jamal starts using Herewardi or Idovanian magic"

And it seems that it talks. From Chron:

There is a flash, Jamal is momentarily snatched from his morbid revere. Then he hears it, somewhere and nowhere, and an insistent voice, quiet at first, but growing in strength and rancour. "Corruption...deceit, corruption .... Deceit........Is this the way your house falls..... CORRUPTION ..... DECEIT..... fear is good ..... USE IT... STRIKE DOWN THE DECEIVER!!!!!"
With that Jamal struggles against the vampire grasp with all his might, the black/white sword glowing at his side.

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