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There's a lot here, so a quick introduction for new lurkers, new players, and anyone else here for the first time.

This campaign is about the adventures of a group of Humakti mercenaries: Hereward's Legion. We have our own sub-cult/hero-cult of Humakt, Hereward Truewind, and all members of the Legion must also be members of the sub-cult. We've discovered quite a lot about the Legion and about the sub-cult, in play, and more has yet to be discovered.

The campaign was first run by Guy Jobbins, and is now run by Jane Williams.

The players started off at "grunt" level: quite experienced grunts, but grunts nonetheless. One got promoted to ten-thane during the first adventure (and in command of all the others!), other PCs have been promoted since, or in one case simply come in at ten-thane level. Some of the NPC senior officers are quite powerful, though specialised, and player influence on the world can be through them.

The rules we're using started as HW, moved to HQ, played with something vaguely like the Pool, and are now what I can only describe as HQ-lite. There is no advancement system: or rather, what there is is descriptive rather than limiting. If you decide your PC has a 10W3 ability in playing backgammon that we didn't know about before, and it doesn't clash with previous events, then fine, a quick check with the GM, and write it down. But most of us find inventing high-level flaws is much more fun...

This campaign is not really about collecting powerful items, winning fights, or proving how powerful we are. We already know that! Fights are often dealt with on a "no-self-respecting hero..." basis, there's a collection of powerful items (including Balastor's Axe) in the basement of their new temple, and the NPC Warlord of the Legion has Kallyr and Broyan asking politely if he would please come to Whitewall as a tactics advisor. (And the moment, the answer is no).

What we're much more interested in is internal conflict (Humakti are good at insanity), exploring myths, philosophy, moral dilemmas, and general character development.

It is now 1621. Whitewall still stands - just. Our heroes left there after an argument with the leadership before the start of play, guarded a caravan across Prax, fighting a vampire and freeing a river god on the way, defended the Cradle (Garrath who?), doing some serious HQing as a major contribution, visited Horn Gate and investigated some undead underground, got accidentally sent on a HQ to kill a dragon, got mixed up with a nasty chaotic cult in Sun County that wanted to sacrifice them, and are now in Pavis. They have rediscovered an ancient temple to Humakt in the Rubble, and are using it as a base. They got mixed up with temple politics in the New City (in Kingmaker style), and the Lunars, especially the Marble Phalanx, are very much after them. The last adventure had them meeting their Vampire friend again, and he is now dead (as are large numbers of Chaotics, trolls, Lunars, a demon...)

Yes, that is very much a summary. Read the Chronicles for full details.

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