Humakti Myths

Loran's temporary area Content moved here from the Sandbox, and most of it will probably fit into some of the bits at the bottom, or as separate articles in that area.

The basics
The Storm Tribe writeup p87
Humakt the Champion ST p108

How Humakt got Death Back from Yelm & sent Orlanth to Hell by Guy
Humakt and the Truth by Reinier Dobbelmann - how Humakt fought Kargan Tor, and got chopped into ten thousand pieces, ten thousand times.
Humakt and the Secret by Reinier Dobbelmann
The Sword of Life by Julian Lord
Humakt's Oath by Guy
Humakt and the Earth Tribe - by Jane, an addition to "Humakt's Oath"
Humakt forges the War Ring by Guy
Humakt and the Raiders by Reinier Dobbelmann
Humakt and Malia author unknown
Humakt Meets Yelm by Gavain
Arming of Humakt by Gavain & Jane
Humakt gains death - HQ on Simon Phipp's site
The Terminus Quest - Nikk Effingham
The Broken Sword Fails in Front of Chaos - Loren
The Silence of Separation and the Market - Adrian


Humakt and the Wind by Reinier Dobbelmann
Jalmar and the Unbreakable Blade by Gavain - Jalmari myth on the discovery of the secret of making the Unbreakable Blade.
The original myth/history we wrote for Hereward
And the different version that went into the History
Incidentally when it comes to how and why Hereward split from Arkat, these two disagree, and the GM disagrees with both of them. But both are "as told" to initiates and to some extent to outsiders.
Graylor's Herewardi initiation gives a few more ideas about another option.
How Hereward captured Vivamort's Cloak
Carmanian Humakt Loran's cult writeup
Notes on possibilities for the Final Battle

Wolves, ravens, etc.
Stories of Owls and Ravens by Adrian
Humakt, Wolf and Raven by Ian Cooper

How Humakt kills dragons - by Jane, an addition to the Trotsky original
Humakt and the Crystal Dragon by Reinier Dobbelmann (another variation on the Trotsky story)

Links to Elkozi
An Uz Myth - How Elkozi Beat Zorak Zoran - by? originally refers to Eraktog not Elkozi
Finding Yelm - Elkozi as guide to the Underworld, mark I by Guy
How Elkozi and Humakt won a Secret from the Hell Hag - an expansion on the above, by Guy

The Vivamort Quest from the other side - Nic Hughes has an idea
Li Phaquann tracks a vampire - outline only at present

Truesword - Hu only

Misc bits found through Mything Links
The Masks of Death - by Wesley. Humakt as Orlanth's warlord.
Humakt's Lover - by Nick Effingham. Did you know Humakt had a wife, before he acquired Death?
Humakti rune ceremony by Loren Miller. Very RQ, not much myth, gory ceremony.
Humakt the Kinless and the challenge of the Thunderbrother b Mikko. Humakt as one of Orlanth's thanes, gaining Storm powers.
Humakt fights a hydra The importance of allies

Humakti philosophy

Humakti Lore - an in-game document that collects various Humakti sayings

Compassion Random philosophical musings on compassion and whether Humakt has it.

Choice More random philosophical musings about choice and how Humakt feels about that.

Trickster as Humakt's Other - vague ramblings and half-formed ideas again

Sacrifice - and more!

Some thoughts about the meaning of honour wrt Humakti.
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