Humakti initiation

Normally when initiating to Humakt, you follow the path of the hero you're emulating, go and find Death the way he did, then meet Humakt in person (who kills you). And you get three affinities, not just one.

ST p95
"Initiation re-enacts Humakt's own initiation in the Pit of Conflict. The candidate then performs the Severing (p96), cutting all relationships to his kinsfolk and other deities. He wanders the mythic world searching for the power of Death; when he finds it, he takes one gift and its attendant geas from Humakt."

HQ p116
"The priests conduct rites to determine his suitability and commitment, and summon otherworld entities to explore his hidden magic and his secret thoughts. They test the applicant's knowledge of the pantheon and deity, his relationship to the temple, and his dedication to the deity. If the hero is accepted, he participates in a special ceremony that takes him to the God World and links him to his deity."

Nothing about how you add an extra sub-cult, only that you can.

How did Hereward get his Wind affinity? You do it the same way. Hereward's wandering around contemplating his navel is the obvious one. Go North, face the North Wind, accept it (test Endure Cold) and use it.
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