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==== Humakt Holy Days====

Humakt’s cult does not celebrate a weekly holy day, for Death is always present in the world. Worshippers hold special rites during the Death Week of each season. On those days, they offer sacrifices, swear oaths, and venture into the Other Side to acquire gifts and geases

**Wa v e k i l l e r Da y**
//Water Day, Death Week, Sea Season//
This holy day celebrates when Humakt led the Storm Tribe to victory over the Sea Tribe. Humakt himself killed Worcha the Fang at the Trembling Shore and turned back the fiercest waters. Whenever people find dead waters now it is because of this victory.

**Smithing Day**
//Fire Day, Death Week, Fire Season//
Humakt travels to the Underworld for the first time and finds the Sword of Death. He swears to wield it honorably, and to never allow it to leave his hands. All of Humakt's worshippers acknowledge that their god failed in this task. However, they also know that only by failing and redeeming himself did Humakt attain true Honor.

New weapons are blessed on this day. Swords started or finished on Smithing Day are better than other weapons, and occasionally have a minor magic effect. A sword started on one Smithing Day and finished on another is doubly blessed, occasionally with something special. A sword started and finished on the same Smithing Day is even better.

**Day of Standards**
//Clay Day, Death Week, Earth Season//
Having gained Death, Humakt became the greatest warrior of the Storm Tribe. He frequently led Orlanth’s warband, even though he was one just a warrior, because he was so skilled.

On this day, worshippers honor all Humakti warband wyters in special ceremonies. The rites often include heroquests to gain new powers for the warband. Many Heortlings call this Peace Day, for the Humakti are usually off in the Otherworld.

**Dark Death Day**
//Freeze Day, Death Week, Darkness Season//
Orlanth’s betrayal loosed the power of Old Death into the world. Many dishonorable gods took and wielded the power, perverting its use to evil, disease, and undeath. Humakt created the Darkness so that he could better tell the good things from the bad, for only he could see clearly by the Light of Death.

On this day, worshippers celebrate Humakt’s recovery of Death and his protection against misuse of its powers. Although most people equate this day with his fight against Unlife, Humakti also fight ritual battles against those gods who misused Death (such as Zorak Zoran) or perverted it (such as Malia). Warbands of Humakti often raid a local traditional foe on this day. Although the community praises their actions if they are victorious, many clans fear that the Humakti might bring down the wrath of that foe upon them.

**Death Day**
//Winds Day, Death Week, Storm Season//
Death Day is Humakt’s high holy day, worshipped by all Heortlings. Although outsiders call it his birthday, it actually commemorates the slaying of Grandfather Life and thus the “birth” of Death. They tell the Sword Story, and all worshippers view the creation of the Underworld. They mourn the ways that the gods abused Death before Humakt
regained it, then see how Humakt mitigates and controls Death with his deep truth.

**True Honor Day**
//Clay Day, Luck Week, Sacred Time//
This rite is held in secret the day before Orlanth leaves with the Lightbringers. All Humakti leave the clan or temple and travel to a secret place; any non-worshipper that treads on the sacred ground at this time or spies on their rite dies. The Humakti reenact the final battle between Humakt and Orlanth over Death and Honor. At the end, Humakt’s honor and mastery are unquestioned, and he kills Orlanth and sends him to Hell for his sins.

Dedicated Orlanth worshippers who seek to go on the Lightbringer’s Quest may apply to the Humakti to participate in the rite in Orlanth’s place. If they are successful, the Humakti include them in the rite and thus speed their travel into the West.

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