The Death Light of the Shining Sword

Storm Tribe pp93
"The swords of Humakti are always shine, and often flash when they are first unsheathed. This Death Light is bright enough for Humakti to see around them as if it was day, but non-Humakti cannot even see the light. Sometimes a Humakti’s sword glows brightly enough to light a passage through darkness or to be visible to non-Humakti"

Adrian's addition, Upland Marsh campaign:
"The last sentence is only true if the sword is wielded by a powerful devotee or disciple."
More specifically:
"When a devotee with more than 2 masteries in Devotee of Humakt, a disciple or any Humakti on the heroplane draws his sword"

I think we can safely assume that if Illig draws his sword (which IS a disciple of Humakt), the deathlight is visible.

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