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There is a subcult of Humakt called Hu of the Nine Silences.

It is almost certainly connected to the Issaries enemy called Hu

The subcult uses the Silence rune. It is a Communication rune with a Death rune superimposed upon it.
Silence rune

We're not as yet sure what the requirements are to join it, nor how well-known it is.

It supplies a total of nine feats, all connected with Silence.

That's actually quite similar to something that Dori's had applied to her - not that you know that, by definition :) She's spoken about the concept before, to Yenda at least. An oath sworn not to speak, etc, etc, backed up by a LOT of power, such that breaking it means instant death. In her case, what's backing itup is the Sword. She can also use it as a way out" if captured....

Stopping the words being spoken at all would be less lethal, and in many ways more useful.

We want to limit the use of feats capable of creating Silence by Humakti in general, as they are potentially far too useful! Ambushes, and so on. As yet we are unsure how to do this.

So far we have only discussed these feats as being in the Death Affinity, but I wonder if (this) Hu should have his own Silence affinity? This would give a reason for people to join the subcult, not just learning the feat. And the requirements for joining the subcult could be very severe.

Adrian has pointed out that a herocult already exists with a single Silence-related feat/requirement. TotRM Issue 19 p6, feat called "Battle shout". Loud shout which can kill undead. Must remain silent the rest of the time. Which is a bit of a killer for PCs... I haven't looked up details as yet.

It seems from the Upland Marsh campaign that there is a temple to this subcult in Duck Point, or was in 1619. And a very young initiate caled Aelf there :)

As quoted on the front page:
"Only in silence the word,
only in dark the light,
only in dying life:
Bright the hawk`s flight
on the empty sky."
The Creation of Ea
Ursula K. Le Guin (A Wizard of Earthsea)

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