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====Hrolf Duckfriend====
===Key Abilities===

**Humakti Truthspeaker** 15W Specific ability: orate on matters that concern Humakti. Improvisation modifiers otherwise.
**Devotee of Hu** 10W Keyword. Includes affinities.
//Honor Affinity// 5W2 Empower Oath, Face Horror, Forge War Ring Ritual, Hold to Purpose, Inspire Allies, Know Truth, Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward
//Death Affinity// 10W Bless Corpse, Death Song, Fatal Flaw, Lay Ghost, Shield Destroyer, Silent Shout, Terrify Foe, Weapon Destroyer [Fight Undead drained by Carmanian vampire]
//Combat Affinity// 10W Cut Deep, Decapitate, Great Blow, Slip Attack, Sword Help, Truesword
Mythology of Humakt 10W
Detect Lie
**Initiate of Hereward** 5W Keyword. He's a devotee of Hu, so can't be devoted to Hereward. Was initiated to Hereward by Grimbeak.
//Truewind Affinity// 5W No improvisation; standard feats can be used as stand-alone abilities at -5
Resist Cold 5W
Legion History 5W

**[[KeyFootSoldier Foot Soldier-Skirmisher]]** 5W Keyword. Includes experience with the Durulz as well as Hereward's Legion; Durulz tactics are more scout-like. Hrolf joined the Legion just before Whitewall.
Close Combat 5W
Stealth 5W
Missile Combat 5W
**[[KeyLegionary Legionary]]** 5W Keyword. Experience with the Legion since just before Whitewall.
Shieldwall Fighting
Legion Traditions
Temple Regulations
Know Enemy Tactics
Make Camp
Swear Like a Soldier
Quick 5W Want to play up the big, slow-looking fast guy thing

Honorable 10W Since his childhood
Hate Deceit/Love Truth 10W From his childhood, plus experience as Herewardi
Disciplined 5W Thanks to Grimbeak
Love Fairness 5W From his childhood
Iconoclastic 5W Childhood, also Herewardi
Hate Vampires 17 This became a personal thing because of the Carmanian vampire


Loyal to Hereward's Legion 10W Joined just before Whitewall.
Reputation in H’s Legion 17 He’s a pro from the Whitewall days.
Cradleriders 20
Followers 18 Angus Redfeather (H Warrior), Three-Lung Hughie (H Warrior), Venharl (CA Healer)
Duckfriend 13
Elmeh Saif 12
Mentor: Grimbeak Deathblade 13 Haven't seen him in a while. Introduced Hrolf to the Legion
Thunder Ducks 13 The Duck clan that took Hrolf in when he was a child. Grimbeak's clan.
Zola Fel Riverfolk 13 Cradle mission, Elmeh Saif, various opportunities along the way.
Sidekick 5W [[NPCBlackBeak Blackbeak the Deathdrake]] (H Warrior, Obnoxious, Tell Dirty Jokes)

==Sample Contest Values==
**Combat w/ 2 swords** 7W2
Close Combat 5W
Quick +2
Big +1
Slow-Looking +2
Truesword +3
Terrify Foe +3
Iron swords +2 Have rating of 14, +1 for 2nd sword (no shield)
Sword +3
Chain hauberk +2
Geas/gift +5 When using 2 swords

**Shieldwall Fighting** 18W
Shieldwall Fighting 5W
Big +1
Truesword +3
Terrify Foe +3
Iron swords +0 Only 1 sword; no bonus. Must be used together
Sword & shield +3?
Chain hauberk +2
Disciplined +2
But may use Inspire Allies to strengthen the unit as a whole.

**Convince Crowd** 1W
Humakti Truthspeaker 15W-20 Improvisation modifier if talking about something about which Humakti have no special expertise
Convincing +1
Impressive-Looking +1
Intelligent +1
Inspire Allies +2 5W2-25 if they're not allies?
Love Fairness +1
Convince Humakti 3W2
Humakti Truthspeaker 15W
Convincing +1
Impressive-Looking +1
Intelligent +1
Inspire Allies +4
Love Fairness +1

**Resist Fear** 13W2+
Face Horror 5W2
Disciplined +3
Honorable +2 -10 improvisation
Loyal to Hereward's Legion +3 -10 improvisation
Cohort Blessing + ?

==Gifts, Flaws, Geases, and Other==
Bat Narcolepsy 17
Illuminated 3
Vampire Wound 17

Hu's Blessing x2 Never use axes, maces, spears: +5 to 2-swords, dagger.
Kargan's Blessing Remain silent on Clay Day: +5 to Honor Affinity

Big 13
Convincing 13
**Heortling** 13 Keyword. But only to age 15; the rest was from the Durulz. So Hrolf has an underdeveloped homeland background.
**Durulz** 13 Keyword. From living with the Thunder Ducks.
Intelligent 14
Slow-Looking 5W Should be fun to play.
Impressive-Looking 17
Tireless 13

2 Mysterious Iron Swords 14
Chain Hauberk + ?
Fine Equipment +1

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