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Tall and overweight (6'1", 220 lbs.), with a belly that could hold a small watermelon. Hrolf prefers to wear black leathers, and almost always wears black gloves or gauntlets. His manner has something of the rich merchant affecting the appearance of a duelist; he has a tendency to waddle. His hair is brown and he sports a short, scruffy beard. He wears two swords; one cross-drawn on his left side, and one over his shoulder. He also carries a number of small knives and daggers, some of which can be thrown. Hrolf is 22 years old.

Loyalty to People vs. Betrayal of Ideals
Hrolf's most formative event - the one that motivated his kin-severing, clan-severing, and joining of the Durulz - was the betrayal of the his mentor Grimbeak and the Thunder Ducks by the Herani.
Accordingly, being loyal to his allies (he thinks of loyalty as obeying the rules of truth) and keeping his promises are his core values.
In his HW stats, this shows up in his unusually strong Honor affinity (Kargan gift), and his discipline trait.
Truth vs. Falsehood
Among all the Heortling gods, Humakt pays the most attention to loyalty and promises. Hrolf therefore thinks Humakt knows the "true way" to live.
Like Hereward, Hrolf was betrayed by his leader. Hrolf is sure that disciplined adherence to Humakt's and Hereward's codes are his personal path to salvation.
When Hrolf became tribeless and kinless, Grimbeak Deathblade, his mentor, showed him how to live and taught him many mysteries. This proves his mentor is close to the truth.
Through Grimbeak and also through his recent adventures, Hrolf has been gifted by Humakt with greater insight into the nature of death and its relationship to life (Sword of Life and Nemolayope chapters). Truly Humakt's teachings are wondrous! To worship Humakt is to learn the true nature of the world - and to cut away its falsehood.
Belonging vs. Alienation
Hrolf still misses his former family and any potential encounter with them is likely to sorely test his Humakti values.
The Thunder Ducks took him in and eventually accepted him as an equal. Then they were scattered by the Lunar persecution. This has caused Hrolf to identify with the Durulz as his surrogate family. He now sees their fight for freedom as his own.
Hereward's Legion is potentially a surrogate community for Hrolf, but although professional bonds are strong the bonds of friendship are still nascent. Hrolf has sublimated his need for community into duty to the Legion: a cold substitute for friendship and affection.
Some day, Hrolf wants to meet his former family again. But what will he do when he sees them?
To help rebuild the Legion.
To spread the wisdom of Humakt and Hereward his prophet throughout the lands.
To cleanse the world of falsehood.

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