Guy Jobbins is a marine & coastal policy consultant living in Cairo and Dahab. An Agnostic-Daoist-Evangelical-Humanist born in Britain, he grew up in Egypt and Singapore, and is widely travelled. He has degrees in Ecology, Systems Analysis, and Public Policy, and did post-doctoral work in mathematics before fleeing for a happier life. Work in marine protected areas is his main love, although he hates tourists. In his little free time, Guy scuba- and freedives, listens to music, writes fiction, and spins consipiracy theories about the intent of Western foreign policy towards the Middle East. Despite his quirky humour, sociability, consumate ability as a lover, and rugged_, _outdoorsy_ type _good-looks, Guy is still single and looking.

Responding to tim's challenge...

Keyword: British (Middle Class) 15
Listen to Radio 4, Make Tea, Drink Tea, Talk Slowly and Loudly at Foreigners, Talk About Weather, Whinge

Marine & Coastal Policy Consultant 5W
Find Job (-3), Know Coasts & Seas (+3), Know Socio-Economics, Use Library, Analyse Data, Analyse Policy (+2), Identify Problem (+3), Develop Solution (+3), Consultation, Negotiation, Political Manouevering, Work Hard, Be Ignored (+3)

Agnostic-Daoist-Evangelical-Humanist 17
Accept Imperfection, Believe in Humanity, Eschew Blind Belief, Rational, Go With Flow, Demand Evidence, Argue Passionately

Other Abilities
Speak Arabic 13, Urban Survival (Cairo) 13, Dahab Survival (Find Drink, Cadge Dives) 1W, Understand Egyptian Society 13, Eat Asian Food 5W, Widely Travelled 1W, Many Impressive Letters After Name 19, Know Ecology 5W, Analyse System 5W, Know Institutional Issues Relating to Environmental Governance in North Africa 10W, Understand British Universities 13, Understand Mathematics 15, Flee 1W, Find Happiness 17, Manage Marine Protected Area 1W, Little Free Time 1W, SCUBA Dive 10W, Free Dive 17, Know Contemporay Music 1W, Write Fiction 15, Construct Conspiracy Theory 17, Discredit Conspiracy Theory 1W, Analyse Western Foreign Policy 1W, Understand Middle Eastern Politics 17, Sociable 1W, Consumate Abilities as a Lover 15W4 (what?), Rugged 17, Outdoorsy 17, Good Looks 17, Single 1W, Looking 10W

Dislike Working for British Universities 17
Enjoy Work 1W
Hate Tourist 1W
Quirky Humour 17

Wealth 15
Laptop, Camera, UW Housing, SCUBA gear, Freediving gear, tent, sleeping bag, 60gb mp3 player, expired library card

How's that?

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