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In her previous life she was a priestess of Ernalda and married to a thane of the Cinsina tribe. She was happy with her husband and they had many strong children. Her stead was renowned even outside her clan for its fertility and produce.

But then came the outlaws. They snuck into the tula and ambushed her husband, captured her children, and made her watch as they tortured them all to death. Then they had their way with her.

As she lay bleeding and the outlaws were drunk and looting her house, she called for vengeance. She did not call for help, but for death to those that had killed her and her loved ones. So powerful was her anguish and hatred that the call was answered. She felt something colder than Valind's heart enter her, bringing strength with it.

As the leader approached for one last sadistic pleasure before killing her, she acted. Seizing the knife from his hand, she thrust it into his throat. The flood of his blood covered her from head to toe.

One by one the outlaws, drunken and sated, fell to her knife, and by morning it was all done.

When the clan warriors came with the rising of Elmal, they were loath to approach the stead. The smell of blood and Death hung heavy upon the place.

The outlaws, full two score of them, had all been staked to the ground and cut open like animals in a slaughterhouse. The dead stead folk had been wrapped in what cloth she could find and laid in a double line in front of the main house.

Gurwen, the Maiden of Death, stood at the door of the house.

At first the warriors did not recognize her. For where once had stood warm, giving and beautiful Priestess of the Earth, now stood cold, vengeful Death.

It was as if all the colour had been drained from her. Long, blond curls were now the blackest of the black, without lustre. Clear blue eye were now black upon black. Rosy cheeks and tanned, freckled skin were now whiter than the snow.

There was nothing left of her, and nothing left for her, in that place. So she left with but few possessions, and none dared to hinder her, for they had seen what she had done.
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