Heortling Male 17

(Severed = No relationships): Heortling Customs, Know Dragon Pass, Wilderness Survival

Healer 13

Combat Medicine +8, Herbalist, Treat Disease +5 (These skills only)

Whispering Swords Scout 7W

2 Swords Combat, Longbow +3, Move under Cover +3, Scouting +3
Camouflage Self, Dodge Attack, Estimate Numbers, Keen Senses, Lead Troops, Make Camp, Recognise Foe, Ride, Run Fast, Scan for Danger, Silent Movements, Swear Like a Trooper, Warband Tactics, Watch from Hiding

Legion Ten Thane 6

Anticipate Orders, Bark Orders, Intimidate Civilian, Leadership, Look After the Troops, Tolerate Insubordination, Train Legionaries, Legion Tactics

Initiate of Indrodar Greydog 18

Destroy Undead 3W (Improvise feats only: Crumble Bones, Decapitate Zombie, Rend Ghost)

Knight of Jalmar 5W

Jalmari Philosophy 10W
Dagger Combat, Meditation, Mystic Movement, Mythology of Humakt, Recognise Lie, See Hidden, Strike Fast, Tracking
Read Jalmari Code 6

Anti-Chaos 5WImpede Chaos Wound, Know Chaos, Resist Chaos
Death 5WAnnihilate Chaos, Fight Undead, Visage of Fear, Sense Undead Blood
Honour 5W Know Truth +1, Sense Ambush, Sense Chaos, Sever Relationship, See Through Illusion
Mystic Spells13Illuminate Manuscript 5W, Sword of Truth 5W, Unbreakable Blade 17, Detect Illumination 15, Test Illumination Type

Initiate of Hereward Truewind 18

Resist Cold, Shield Wall Fighting

Truewind18Improvise feats only: Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth, Truth on the Wind, Howling Doomwind, Protect the Truth
Personal FeatsCut Through Self Deception 16, Heroquest Vision 14

Wyter Blessings
Ashar (Legion)18WRecognise Preparation For Attack, Illuminate Darkness, Unbreakable Weapon
Shadow Veil of the Death Guardian (Cohort)18Hide in Shadow, Conceal Nature

Other Feats

Shoo Fly 2W

Other Abilities

Archers Eye 18, Careful Wording 17, Hold Breath 5W, Hunting 15, Natural Agility 17, Know Upland Marshes 3W, See Hidden Chaos 17, Swim in Armour 20, Well Travelled 18


Brave 5W, Calm 15, Disciplined 1W, Dedicated 5W, Fear of Drowning 2W, Hate Chaos 20, Hate Lunars 18, Hate Undead 18, Honourable 20, Independant 10W, Patient 17, Quick Thinking 15


Admire father 15, Indrodar Comrades 18, Loyal leader to followers 16, Caring mentor to apprentices 13, Monastery of Light and Truth 13 Grieves for the Whispering Swords 2W (Watched all other members die in Kallyr's rebellion)
Loyal to Herewards Legion 1W, Honest Respect for Vur 13, Admires Illig (and wants to be a bit more like him) 3W, Loves Kallyr's Spirit 15
Followers: Loyal Comrade to Irnar 6W (7 years), Slightly bemused friend of Elgan 18 (5 years), Protective mentor of Yenda 16, Guiding teacher of Santhis 16


Jalmar (Apprentice) Jalmar PhilosophyNever betray cult
Jalmar (Knight)Unbreakable Blade FeatNever use clubs or maces.
Indrodar Greydog (Initiate)Jan Starcere’s Armour: Increase a specific set of armour's rank by 3Never lie to outsiders
Enjou Cauterise Undeath Eat no meat in Death week
Kogoeshinu Immobilise Undead Extra duty to the cult
Hereward (Initiate)Sense Deception FeatNever Boast or exaggerate.

Special Items

Leather Armour +1, Superbly Made 1W, Jan Starecre's Armour +3 = +6 Total
Travel CloakWoodland Camouflage 17, Night Shadow 5W
Iron Short Swords with silver markings +2 each, Well made 14 = +5 Total
Glow in presence of undead 17, Wound Vampire 18
Enjou (Destruction by Fire) +5 Cauterise Undeath
Kogoeshinu (Freeze Death) +5 Immobilise Undead
Eastern Bow (Similar in style to the Japanese Kyu): +3, Strong Construction 13 = +4 Total
Find Target Feat 17, Flaming Arrow 20 x3, Exploding Arrow 20 x2
Jalmar Gloves Power Over Ogres 13


Keywords Male Heortling Hunter 5W (Acute Senses, Archery +3, Clever), Yinkin (Alusar) Devotee 20 (Claw & Bite +8, Look innocent), Whispering Swords Scout 3W
Hunting 20 Grow Claws, Leap from Hiding, Move without Sound, Paralyzing Bite, Scent Foe
Sensuality 20 Feel No Guilt, Preen Self, Seduce, Sleep Anywhere
Perception 6W Identify Scent, Ferret out Secret, Find Hidden Thing, Prick up Ears, See in Dark, See Hidden Being
Other skills Lasso 2W, Find Food to Hunt 19, Disarming Smile 20
Relationships Brother in arms to Graylor 6W, Grieves for the Whispering Swords 11W
Equipment Leather Armour +1, Lasso +1
Special Dwarven Complex Bow +4 (Penetrating 5W)
CombatClaw & Bite 11W (equip), Lasso 4W (equip), Archery 16W (equip)
NotesIrnar was born into the Penbal clan of the Balkoth tribe. He was a wilful youth who quickly identified with Yinkin. He proved adept at hiding and spying. Soon after initiation he followed his clan leader to Boldhome to watch the founders day celebrations. He wasn't noticed until he was careless on return journey. When his clan leader became tribal leader the Lunar emissaries came and Irnar was revolted by them. He took to spending long times away from the clan. Eventually he encountered the Whispering Swords, a small mercenary band that aimed to be a thorn in the side of the invading Lunar army. He joined immediately and never returned to his home clan. There he befriended Graylor when he first joined the Whispering Swords and with Gralyor watched them die in Kallyr's fateful rebellion. He blames Kallyr for the disaster and not the groups inexperienced leader who put the rest of the troop into the fight when they shouldn't have been there. He taught Graylor to hunt and the basics of scouting, in return they became good friends. Graylor has supported Irnar through the difficult times adjusting to the loss of the Whispering Swords.

He still has his dark moments when the Whispering Swords are fresh in his mind. But mostly people only see the frothy, carefree Yinkini, but the froth covers deep pools that few glimpse. His hatred of wolves comes from straying into Telmori lands and having them chase him for four days until he was safely back in the Penbal clan.

Keywords Male Heortling Warrior 17, Orlanth (Helamakt) Initiate 17
Storm 17 Call Clouds, Gentle Rain, Start Thunderstorm, Storm Voice
Wind 3W Command Air Daimones, Drive Away Clouds, Raise or Lower Wind, Snatch Breath, Still Whirlwind, Turn Wind
Combat 4W Blow Down Foe, Catch Arrows on Shield, Cutting Wind Blast, Entangling Gust, Shield Attack
Other skills Whistle Tunelessly 14
Relationships Loyal and grateful to Graylor 20, Former Member of the Whispering Swords 18
Equipment Sword +3, Shield +1
CombatCombat Affinity 14W (S&Sh, Equip)
NotesUses magic by preference. Met Graylor as a kid when Graylor pulled him out of the clutches of zombies that were trying to drown him.

Keywords Female Pol Joni 17, Warrior 20 (Sword & Shield +2, Shieldwall +2), Archavist 17 (Jalmar Myths +8, Know Obscure Military Fact +6, Respects Learning, Retains Information +1, read/recognise Old Pavic -7)
Hu Initiate 16 (Sense Enemy +4), Jalmar Initiate 18 (Mystic Movement, Strike Fast, Read Jalmari Code), Hereward Initiate 13 (Perceive Truth 13), Spy 10
Death 20 (Humakt)
Honour 20 (Humakt)
Sword Combat 16 (Hu)
Anti-Chaos 18 (Jalmar)
Truewind 13 (Hereward) Truth on the Wind
Other skills Dedicated 20, Ruthless when Required 15, Speak Darktongue 13, Ajax's Pair Fighting 13
Gifts & GeasesHu Sense Enemy / Never accept reward or payment except from your commanding officer
Jalmar Jalmar Philosophy / Never betray cult
Hereward Perceive Truth / Must always volunteer for active duties or missions.
Relationships Adores Graylor 17, Attracted by Yelornans 14, Friendly to the Talmori 13, Sees Dori as a Role Model 15, Shocked by but Respects Rubble Vingans 13, Monastery of the Light of Truth 20, Loves Abul 15
Equipment Leather Armour +1, Sword +3, Shield +1
CombatSword & Shield 13W (Equip, MM, SF, Warrior)
NotesYenda was one of the Pol Joni. However, shortly before she was due to be initiated, the patrol she was riding with was ambushed by a rival clan. In the confusion she was thrown from her horse and landed under a bush out cold. When she awoke she was alone, the fight was over and there was no one around. Confused and alone she tried to make contact with her clan again, but without a horse she stood no chance. Soon she was wandering aimlessly in a delirium. Almost at the end of her endurance she was accepting that she would die. When she next woke a wolf was sitting in front of her as soon as she was fully awake the wolf walked off, she followed it to a cave where there was water and fresh meet. She revived though the wolf never returned. But had now convinced herself that her family and clan had abandoned her.

In a few days hunters appeared at the cave they were from the Balkoth clan. She hated life there, no horses and the place filled with goats. The only reason that Yenda stayed was that she found Maxtor, a Humakti who told Yenda about the wolf as a symbol of Humakt. She immersed herself into her training and studies and was rapidly developed the required skills. However she saw something that disturbed her new found senses. A travelling merchant seemed wrong, nothing in particular was a lie rather the whole of him was the lie. Puzzled she kept an eye on him, and was "rewarded" for her persistence by seeing him take an old man of the tribe into the hills. By the time she had managed to track them, the old man was dead and the merchant was eating heartily. Yenda challenged him and fought with him, she was succumbing to his greater strength when Maxtor arrived and stepped in and slew the beast.

Maxtor talked with Yenda and explained that he knew of the ogre because of his Jalmari training and he was impressed with her ability to detect it on her own. From then on she trained as both a Huist and a Jalmari, and was initiated to both cults in short order. Maxtor, though he enjoyed having Yenda as a pupil sent her to the Temple of the Light of Truth to further her training, because he knew that she was unhappy with the lifestyle of the Balkoth. Yenda thrived in the temple her thirst for knowledge rapidly led to her being assigned to the library, unfortunately the senior knights did not know what else to do with her, they were no knights that were free to take apprentices so she stayed in the library. Until Graylor arrived without an apprentice and needing to travel across the Praxian planes. Yenda was at first only greatful for the release from the library, for although she had a great respect for learning she was PolJoni and they ultimately were people who loved being outdoors and free from buildings. Her horizons are broadiening every day and the gratitude has grown to affection and even adoration as Graylor has saved her life a number of times.

Keywords Male Sun Country Farmer 5W, Warrior 2W (Brave, Shieldwall +2, Spear & Shield +11, Sword & Shield +1), Initiate Hereward 13 [Truewind]
Spear Combat 8 (Yelamlio)
Truth 8 (Yelamlio)
Truewind 13 (Hereward) Evaluate Leadership
Light 6 (Yelamlio) Healing from Reflected Sunlight +2
Other skills Respectful 3W, Wants to Restore his Reputation 8W, Ajax's Pair Fighting 13
Relationships Rescued by Graylor 15, Former Member of Oilamley cult 8W
Equipment Leather Armour +1, Spear +3, Sword +3, Large Shield +2
CombatSpear & Shield 6W2 (equip), Sword & Shield 11W (equip)
Gifts & Geases Spear of Gold (any spear picked up glows with light +5) / Mistrust all strangers & Use no axes
Notes Former member of the chaos cult Oilamley, was persuaded to leave the cult and join Hereward by Graylor, following the death of it's leader Cavos. His weakness in being duped into such a cult now troubles him and he wants to restore his reputation.
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