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Silver Shields plotting

They have a rivalry with the Marble Phalanx, and want to prove they can handle the Legion better (they could hardly do worse).
Oreros is sleeping with Rana - she was using him as a source of info and a way past guards (just wait till he's on duty).
Rana wants to show up the Legion a bit, too - she's annoyed by having been beaten quite so thoroughly. So she and some Orlanthi friends use the winds to track where Legion members are, and tell the Silver Shields where to ambush them.

The resulting ambush:

Silver Shields: 2* squad = maniple (14), commanded by a sergeant(?)

They've also brought in the newly recruited Broo unit to act as the first shock assault. About 10 or so? Scimitars, red cloaks, chaotic...

Niosais is also present as an observer: she will object to the broo being mistreated by their own side (like, using them as unsupported cannon fodder, throwing javelins that could hit them as easily as the enemy, etc, all of which the Silvers have every intention of doing).

Rana may well be observing, but that's all she'll be doing.

Oreros will be there, I don't know names for any "sergeants" or septons other than Herulfius, who doesn't fit.

Detect ambush contest
So, first thing to detect is the broo. "Detect chaos" will pick them up, so will the Sword, so will "spot bloody obvious".
Say 16 resistance?

If they can also spot the Silvers (in javelin rather than melee range), they're doing well.
feat "Wait Unseen" is perfect! 4W for the officer, 1W for the rest, say. Add a few basics (respect Legion's abilities, basic solider skills) for maybe +9, and a situaltional modifier of maybe +10... 1W2.

Graylor + Irnar 13W2
Khan 16W
Urush 6W2
Dori + Oddus 11W

They're trying to do a shieldwall.

Shieldwall fighting 5W
Sword and shield combat (+gift) 5W2 +5
Obsessive perfectionist 15W +4
Fearless (+gift) 10W +3
Tough 5W +3
Sword +8 (iron bastard) +2 (flaming) = +10
Shield +1
Armour +6 (copper chain)
+5 (helm)
Gives Khan 2W3 if I can count right
hate chaos at 19 for +2, taking Khan to 4W3.

Graylor Combat:
Shieldwall fighting 18
Mystic Movement 5W/+3
Dodge Attack 7W/+3
Strike Fast5W/+3
Natural Agility 17/+2
Brave 5W/+3
Disciplined 1W/+2
Dedicated 5W/+3
Calm 15/+2
Patient 17/+2
Quick Thinking 15/+2
Death (Annihilate Chaos) 5W/+3
Anti-Chaos Affinity 5W/+3
Unbreakable Blade 17/+2
Leather Armour +6
Swords +5

Starting on the left:

Graylor v. Scorpion/zebra thing 2W3 v 15W, if it gets any success he has a 2W poison to deal with as well. Oerr, marginal defeat.
Santhis, Dori, Oddus v 4* antelope
Khan v rhino 4W3 v 2W2 (it's charging, drop to 19W if not) - minor victory, rhino down by 10% next round, and no longer charging. 15W.

Separate: Urush shooting at leader 1W3 v 5W - major victory, leader now at -50% to all actions, troops will lose their "fear leader" bonus if any next round.

Separate: Irnar shooting at Silver Shields 2W2 v
" He launches his first arrow as soon as the broo charge. The second is on its way almost before the first hits anything. He keeps firing until the group start to come to him, when he plans to draw them away from Graylor until the broo have been dealt with."
So the objective isn't to damage them, it's to distract them.
Their defence: regimental wyter Awareness: sense presence of enemy
Feats include dodge-the-arrow.
4W for the officer, 1W for the rest, say - but do they know they need it? He got there on a marginal. Let's say the wyter is 14/+1, their general scanning is 1Wish. He's stationary and in cover, -10. 12 v 14 to know he's there. No, they don't.
Twang, whizz, thump, the resistance is their armour and shields erm.... +5 to a 14?
2W2 v 19. I think he may hit.
Minor victory. OK, he wanted to distract them - he has, but no damage.

Round 2
Khan is no longer trying to be a shield wall.
Sword and shield fighting (+gift) 5W2
Close Combat 5W +3 <
not sure what that's even doing here
Obsessive perfectionist 15W +4
Fearless (+gift) 10W +3
Tough 5W +3 18W2 so far
Sword Help 5W +3 1W3 <
he's using his magic for once
Hate Chaos 19 +2 3W3
Sword +8 (iron bastard) +2 (flaming) = +10 13W3
Armour +6 (copper chain) 19W3
+5 (helm) 4W4
=12W4 ?

Urush still on 1W3

Irnar - the SS leader will send two of his men to deal with him, he himself and the remaining 4 will launch a flight of javelins at the melee.

Graylor - need to sort out the poison, then v 15W again.


drat, did that on paper :(

Graylor took javelin damage but beat the poison, down 10% from 8W3 to 1W3
Scorp down by 10% from 15W to 12W
Minor victory

Khan now on 13W3 (down 10% from 1W4) v rhino on 15W
another minor
v javelins? irrelevant, Dori sorted them.

Dori is trying to use her "Clear the Air" combined with "Weapon Destroyer" to stop those javelins.
Oddus is supporting her magic, Santhis is covering them both with his shield
Add in "loyal to Legion", Officer "look after the troops" and "tactics", plus her own armour and shield and the other two, she's on 11W2
Javelin attack still 1W2 leader, 15W 4* plebs: so +2 aug for numbers, 17W
Leader: minor V
Plebs: minor V if I do together, or minor, major, marg def, minor def if I do one by one
OK, all javelins deflected over all - one destroyed and turned to dust, one hit an antelope broo

Urush is sneaking up on the SS with 4W2
Wyter 4W to sense him, dogs +2, leader keeping an eye out say +2, 8W
Major victory, they have no idea he's there.

Irnar is against 2 SS plus dogs
1) shoot them 2W2
v "dodge the arrow" feat at 16, plus % for equipment - minor victory
2) sneak into hiding 11W
Dogs can track by scent, plus wyter awareness "sense presence of enemy"
2W + 2 4W
He's marginally defeated, will affect next bit
3) turn into cat and pounce on them 19W
straight CC plus a bit for ambushing, say a 5 for him rather than 10 4W2
they're on about 14W, plus a dog each +2, 16W
marginal victory, beat up a dog

End result: antelope broo fled, zebra broo fled, rhino broo dead, broo leader very dead.
SS lost two dogs, assorted minor injuries, fleeing.
Niosais dead, beheaded, looted.
Randella no longer a trusted source of information.

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